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What software is available for computer diagnostics? This section presents the best solutions for stability and performance testing.

All computers have many components that can cause problems over time. Therefore, it is important to regularly check and diagnose the components of workstations and laptops. Here are some solutions to help you keep your processor, RAM, hard disc and graphics card in order.

Maintaining the components that make up your computer means analysing their performance, putting them under stress and performing a series of tests to find faults in components such as the processor, graphics card and memory. Depending on the benchmark you want to perform, programmes with specific features can be useful, as some CPU and GPU benchmark programmes are specifically designed to check certain models and parameters of specific workstation components. It is advisable to read the specifications of the tool before deciding to download it.

This list of the best computer monitoring software describes comprehensive solutions that can be used to monitor the performance of processors, RAM, hard drives and even graphics cards available from Atlantek IT Online Shop.

Intel® Processor Diagnotic Tool

Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool is a free diagnostic tool for processors manufactured by the American company Intel. The programme performs a series of measurements to check the correct operation of the CPU cores and the reliability of the CPU. It can perform floating point and floating point operations, perform MMX and SSE instructions with AVX extensions, and check the internal memory controller and operating clocks. The Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool also allows you to perform performance tests on the CPU and integrated GPU with full load. You also get detailed information about the CPU you have.

Memtest86+ Processor Diagnostic Tool

Desktop and laptop users should have Memtest86+ for RAM diagnostics in their toolbox. This application performs a series of measurements to detect errors in arrays. Memtest86+ runs from a bootable USB memory stick and is therefore operating system independent.


SpeedFan is a general diagnostic program designed primarily to check the operation of the cooling system. The fan speed can be adjusted according to the temperature of the components; when the CPU load is low, it is recommended to reduce the fan speed to a reasonable level. This reduces bearing noise and extends bearing life. This is not all the software can do – SpeedFan also measures CPU and HDD voltages and temperatures in real time. On the storage side, it now supports S.M.A.R.T. technology, which warns of storage device failures, and SpeedFan can also change the parameters of the FSB bus between the CPU and the memory controller via the Northern Bridge.

HD Tune Pro

HD Tune Pro is a hard disk drive diagnostic program for hard disk drives and solid state drives. The system can also read S.M.A.R.T. parameters. It also features temperature monitoring, low-level benchmarking to check read and write speeds, storage device wiping and bad sector scanning.


If you want to run diagnostics on AMD Radeon, NVIDIA GeForce or Intel graphics cards, you can use a solution like FurMark, which can run intensive stress tests based on the OpenGL library. This allows you to check not only the performance of your graphics card, but also its stability under heavy loads. At the same time, it also checks if the cooling system is efficient. Before running the benchmark, you can set the resolution and anti-aliasing level of the display. FurMark also includes two popular applications, GPU Shark and GPU-Z.

PassMark BurnInTest

PassMark BurnInTest is a program that helps you diagnose your computer and identify its weaknesses. This handy program can be used to check the performance and stability of critical components.PassMark BurnInTest tests your CPU, RAM, hard disk and graphics card under heavy load. This allows you to determine if your cooling system is up to the task when running complex graphics applications or playing your favourite games. If your desktop environment is not functioning when components are used frequently, these components may overheat frequently. This application makes it easy to find out which components are not working.PassMark BurnInTest should only be used by experienced users.

PassMark performance test

PassMark PerformanceTest, which checks the performance of CPUs and graphics cards, the speed of operations performed by RAM cores, the efficiency of writing and reading data to and from HDDs and SSDs, and the efficiency of writing and reading data to and from HDDs and SSDs. On the processor side, users of devices with Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD) chipsets will be pleased as PassMark PerformanceTest performs almost identical measurements to Intel’s processor diagnostic tool. In a 3D environment. Benchmark tests for DirectX library versions 9, 10, 11 and 12 are available for testing graphics cards. Results are saved as text and graphics files

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