How do Portable Power Banks Work?


A portable power bank is a small device capable of providing power for other portable devices. This popular device has been a savior for many people out and about with their cell phones and with no access to an electric outlet to charge it. A power bank is the ideal way to ensure you never miss that important phone call. But how do they work? And what can they be used to charge?

How do Power Banks Work?

A power bank is really a large battery that holds power that has been passed into it via an electrical output source. The power bank stores the power and then releases it into another device via a USB cable, as and when required.

Power banks contain sophisticated circuitry that allows power to flow to another device when it is connected to it. The name ‘power bank’ comes from the fact that it is a storage facility for power deposits before they are later withdrawn, so it is essentially a bank for power.

What Can Power Banks Charge?

Power banks can be used to charge a host of devices, with cell phones probably being the most popular. Some people use them to charge tablets, portable speakers, GoPros, and MP3 players. Essentially, anything that is usually charged via a USB cable can be charged with a power bank.

Power banks can also be used for rechargeable C USB AA batteries such as those made by Pale Blue Earth, which are commonly used in digital cameras.

What Type of Power Banks are Available?

Not all power banks are the same. They differ in terms of size, shape, and power capacity, with some being small enough to fit in a pocket and others being slightly larger and designed to fit into a purse or large bag.

The smaller devices are compact and are available in designs such as keychain power banks or credit card power banks. As you might imagine, a keychain power bank will attach to your keys, allowing you to take it with you whenever you are out and have your keys with you. A credit card power bank is so called because of its flat, slim design. This non-bulky charger can fit in a wallet or pocket quite easily.

Power banks can also have more than one function. For example, you might want to buy a flashlight power bank. This item is ideal when camping as it provides visibility at night as well as a handy place to charge your phone when you are sure to have limited access to an electrical outlet. Power banks can also be found on portable speakers, which are ideal gadgets for a day trip to the beach. You can be charging your cell phone while also using the phone to play music through the speaker.

How Long Do Power Banks Last?

A power bank can be a reliable portable charger for a number of years before it begins to lose the ability to hold its charge. Nevertheless, how long it lasts will really depend on how often it is used and the quality of its internal circuitry.

The average length of time that a power bank will last is between 1.5 and 3.5 years. The more often the power bank is used, the shorter the lifespan will be. However, you should still get the same number of charges from a power bank whether you use it every day or every week.

Paying more for a power bank usually means getting a better-quality product with a larger battery capacity. This means that it can charge a device for longer.

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