All About Important Facts About Equity Share


Equity shares are one of the most preferred places numerous investors approach to invest in  the share markets. Many individuals put money into  equity shares wishing for handsome returns that shares have traditionally offered. Some individuals even view the returns from equity investments as an alternative income.

What Is a Share?

 An equity share meaning is a partial ownership in a business enterprise. Being a shareholder additionally entitles the investor to a share in the earnings and growth of the organisation. The organisation issuing stocks guarantees equal distribution of earnings amongst all its shareholders in the form of dividends. All the organisations mention the rights and duties of shareholders through the Articles of Association (AoA) and the Memorandum of Association (MoA). These files include information referring to the enterprise objective(s) of the organisation and policies for the distribution of dividend amongst shareholders.

Features of Equity Shares

  • Equity share stays with the company. They return the shares at the time of a company’s closure..
  • Equity Shareholders own balloting rights and elect the company’s management.
  • The dividends from the equity shares depend upon the availability of excess However, there’s no constant rate of dividend on the equity shares.

Types of Equity Share

 Broadly two types of Shareholding—preference and equity.

 Preference Shares

 When an investor holds preference stocks, he enjoys certain kinds of rights:

  • Receive dividends at a hard and fast fee: When an organisation makes profits and distributes it among its shareholders, the allotted amount is the dividend. This calculation generally takes into account the net profits after deducting important expenses. The organisation’s board decides the fee at which the dividend may be handed over.
  • Receive compensation if the organisation shuts: When an organisation   shuts down, Preference shareholders get limited voting rights in comparison to equity

Equity Shares

All stocks that aren’t preferential stocks are equity stocks. Holding equity stocks gives exclusive rights to vote in a company’s decisions. You receive dividends too. It is vital to observe right here that after a organisation makes profits, it has the proper to decide whether:

  • It will reinvest the cash into the commercial enterprise for business expansion or,
  • Divide it among the shareholders as dividends.

Apart from the broad ctegorisation of equity into preference and equity shares, certain other kinds of shares are also there. We name them according to their properties. Here are the details.

  • Authorised Share Capital- This is the highest amount a company can issue. This amount is modifiable with time with the company’s advice and by going through a few formalities.
  • Issued Share Capital- This is the authorised capital which a company offers to the traders.
  • Subscribed Share Capital- This is a part of the issued capital which an investor accepts in agreement with the company.
  • Paid Up Capital- This is a segment of the subscribed capital that the traders give. Paid-up capital is the cash that a company invests in reality in the organisation’s operations.
  • Right Share- These are the ones form of share that a company offers to their present stockholders. An organisation issues this kind of share to maintain the proprietary rights of its ofd shareholders.
  • Bonus Share- When an enterprise splits up its shares for its stockholders in the form of dividend, we name it an advantage share.
  • Sweat Equity Share- This form of shares allotment takes place for the top people or executives of a company for sharing productive ideas to the company.

Advantages of Equiy Shares

  • equity stocks do not come an obligation to pay fixed amounts of dividends
  • The corporation has to pay back the price of shares except in case of liquidation
  • Equity shareholders are the real owners of a company who own voting rights

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