Which double bed is better? How to choose a good bed. Case materials


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Our article will help you buy the right bed based on theoretical knowledge and practical recommendations.

Bed criteria

When buying a bed, pay attention to:

  • frame type.
  • base type.
  • mattress quality
  • the presence and characteristics of the back.
  • size
  • design
  • additional functions and features.

Let’s look in more detail at all the parameters and try to highlight the characteristics of an ideal bed for a comfortable sleep and perfect operation.

Bed frame: design and materials

The bed is purchased for a long time, so an important criterion for choosing it is the durability of the structure. The service life depends on the characteristics of the frame, which can be of two types:

  • a pair of backrests is attached to two longitudinal legs.
  • four tsars form the perimeter, which is placed at the feet. It can be completed with two or one modular back.

But the main thing in the frame is not the design features, but the material from which it is made.   Manufacturers use:

  • natural wood.
  • metal
  • MDF, particle board, fiberboard or particle board.

Solid and metal products are the most durable. A bed with such a frame is durable, though not cheap furniture. When budget is limited, it is worth looking at models made of particle board, MDF or other particle board. You need to choose beds from reputable manufacturers that use high quality raw materials. Models made of low quality materials will eventually start to create an unpleasant wedge and become less stable. This is due to the fact that chips and cracks may appear at the intersection of components with a special component. Particular attention is paid to this option if a double bed is chosen for people weighing more than average.

Choose a comfortable bed base

The base for the bed is better to choose orthopedic. It is a wooden, rare metal, frame with fixed flexible grilles, which are made of wood or plastic. A layer is placed on top of the base. Flexible grilles will help him take the shape of a fake person. If instead of a complete base, you use ordinary plywood or particle board, then the orthopedic or anatomical mattress will not be able to perform its functions properly.

The quality and durability of such a base depends on the number of layers. The maximum allowable distance between them is 6 cm, while in reinforced models this parameter is reduced to 3 cm . There is also the following rule: the gap between the boards should not be less than the width of the board itself. When going to the store, it is not necessary to take a ruler with you, as there is a minimum allowed: in the base for a single bed is at least 30 lats, and for a double bed at least 60 .

Important matrix selection criteria

A quality mattress is the main condition for a healthy sleep. Is:

  • spring;
  • spring.

The first group is divided into two subspecies: with Bonel-dependent springs and with an independent spring. The disadvantages of this radical proposal are small:

  • if a source fails, then the neighbors will be pressured as well.
  • there are no orthopedic properties.
  • vulnerability.

Mattresses with independent spring unit are comfortable to use and last from 4 to 10 years, depending on the manufacturer and the filling. They are selected based on parameters such as:

  • degree of rigidity;
  • height
  • filling quality.

The heavier a person is, the harder the sleeping surface. But here, the choice is individual, we must proceed from our own preferences.

Between the springs and the upholstery of the mattress is a filler. It is good if it is made of latex or coconut. Also pay attention to the quality of the material from which the mattress cover is sewn. Ecological, wear-resistant and durable fabrics are preferred.

If you suffer from back pain or just want to sleep on the most comfortable mattress, then choose latex models without opening. They completely repeat the contours of the body of a human being and exclude the compression of the tissues.

Beds need a back and which option?

There should be at least one back in the design of a full bed. Most of the time, there are models with a headboard. This item is required for:

  • adopt a comfortable posture while watching TV or reading books – you can trust it.
  • ensure a firm position of the pillow during rest, some people want to put it on their back.
  • moral satisfaction – the backs give a slight sense of security.

The headboard or floor is a continuation of the bed frame, so most often they are made of the same materials – metal, wood, particle board. To give a special charm to the furniture, some manufacturers pull their backs with leather, velvet or other fabrics.

The most comfortable is a high solid headboard. The rack models, forged, with low height, are not comfortable when you have to take a half seat in the bed. Therefore, fans of reading or watching a movie in bed are a good choice.

Determine the correct dimensions of the bed

Bed size and position are two different concepts. . The first parameter is important to consider when planning the placement of furniture in a room. And the comfort of your rest depends on the latter in many ways. The following standards for the dimensions of a seat:

  • length 195 or 200 cm.
  • the width for a single bed is 80 and 90 cm.
  • width for one and a half bed 100, 120, 140, 150 cm.
  • width for double 160, 180, 200 cm.

Of course, you can order a bed in individual sizes. But before that, you need to make sure that there is a suitable mattress for sale.

The choice of one or more dimensions of a seat depends on the growth and skin of the bed owner. Thus, the length of the bed should be at least 15 cm more than the height of a person. To determine the optimal width, you should close your arms behind your head, spreading your elbows sideways and lying on your favorite bed. The rule is when the elbows do not hang over the tip. Otherwise, you have to look for another model. The ideal height of the bed is on the knees of the person opposite.

If the size of the room allows, then choose the widest possible bed. This bed provides comfortable comfort.

The appearance of the bed

The design of the bed should be in harmony with the overall decor of the room. The color, style, shape of the model are chosen for the available finishing materials and furniture. But if the bedroom is designed from scratch, then the choice depends solely on the ideas of the room owners.

To make the interior look lighter and more relaxed, choose models in neutral shades and with a concise design. If you want to create an exclusive boudoir belt, then take a look at round beds or other unusual designs.

For the classic style, natural wood products with milling elements, forged or leather models are suitable. A bed on a pedestal with bright decorative elements, for example, mirror inserts, backlight, will fit in the modern space. Models with headgear that are upholstered in leather or fabric and decorated with a body layer look elegant.

Multifunctional beds

Furniture manufacturers offer not only classic bed models, but also products with additional functions. For example, designs with an extra storage space are very popular. It could be:

  • Base with lifting mechanism. Just pull the hidden handle and the mattress together with the base will go up opening the nightstand zone. There you can put large bed linen, suitcases and other general things.
  • Drawer boxes. Additional storage space is extracted from under the bed with rollers or telescopic rails.
  • Built-in boards, shelves, shelves. Suitable for storing various items, books, mobile phones and placing decorative items.

It is worth noting that a bed equipped with a lifting mechanism or drawers deprives the mattress of complete ventilation. Therefore, if there is no particular need for such hidden spaces, choose a classic model with a ventilated base.

Some beds are equipped with sophisticated mechanisms that allow you to raise the bed and create a slope that is suitable for reading or watching TV.


If we talk briefly about choosing the perfect bed, it should have the following criteria:

  1. Strong frame made of high quality wood, metal or particle board, MDF.
  2. Orthopedic base with the number of plates at least 30 pieces per position.
  3. Latex or orthopedic springless mattress with independent spring unit.
  4. Make sure you have at least one back, preferably on your head.
  5. The maximum possible width of a bunk bed, but not less than 160 cm for two people.
  6. Attractive appearance that harmoniously combines with the interior of the bedroom .

By choosing a bed based on the above features, you can be sure of its quality, durability and comfort. You can see quality and affordable beds in the HomeMe directory.

The bed is such a familiar piece of furniture for us that without it it is impossible to imagine your usual everyday environment. This is where you start and end your day. How to choose a bed? Let’s figure it out.

The bed is such a familiar piece of furniture for us that without it it is impossible to imagine your usual everyday environment.

Which bed best suits family comfort and will create the necessary conditions for proper sleep? There are five factors that determine the level of comfort:

  • form – appearance and functionality.
  • dimensions – length, width and height.
  • design – frame and materials.
  • the basis for the bed – determines its safety.
  • mattress – protects your health.

Which bed best suits family comfort and will create the necessary conditions for proper sleep?

Let’s look at each of them in more detail.

The classic rectangular shape is the basis of the bedroom furniture.

1. Shape – beauty or practicality?

The classic rectangular shape is the basis of the bedroom furniture. Heart-shaped or circle beds look impressive, but unpleasant in everyday family life. Sleeping together in such exclusive beds can only hug tightly so as not to fall to the floor in a dream. You can curve, but if you have a wound on the back, then there will be no restful sleep. For a non-standard bed, you need to sew sheets and hats to order. It needs more empty space to be used irrationally.

You can curve, but if you have a wound on the back, then there will be no restful sleep.


Transformer beds will help you solve the problem of lack of space in an apartment with a small area. During the day, they can be turned into a closet wall or a comfortable bedside table. Also note the folding bunk beds disguised as sofas.

For a non-standard bed, you need to sew sheets and hats to order.

The owners of a spacious apartment would like a bed on the pedestal. The idea of ​​raising a warm nest over cosmic vanity will undoubtedly take your relationship to the next level, but before that, think carefully about the appropriateness of this step.

The choice of bed frame depends on the number of people who will sleep in it.

A more practical solution would be to equip the pedestal with drawers. In fact, you have a complete wardrobe that pretends to be a bed.

2. Dimensions – it all depends on latitude, longitude and altitude

In Russia and Europe, the division of beds into three categories is widely used – single, one and a half and double. However, each person has separate shoulder height and width values, which do not always fit the Procrustean bed in this classification.

With good build quality, such a bed will last a long time.

The most important is the size of the pier. The length should not be less than your height, which you can safely add 20 cm. The following simple way will help you choose a bed with the required width: lying right in the middle, extend your arms towards the sides and bend them at your elbows. If they stayed in the bedroom – you were not wrong in the choice.

In a low bed it is easier to catch a cold than a sink.

In furniture stores you can choose beds made according to European and American standards. To buy comfortable furniture, use the comparison chart:

The height of the base also affects comfort.

The height of the base also affects comfort. It depends on the climate and local cultural traditions. In a low bed it is easier to catch a cold than a sink. For Europe with a colder climate, the optimal value is considered to be in the range of 0.5-0.6 m. And in Asia it does not exceed 0.4 m. It is very painful for the people of America to fall – the minimum bed height starts from 0.8 m.

The material and the frame of the double bed can be the same.


Each person has a distinct growth and shoulder width that does not always fit the Procrustean bed of this classification.

3. Context and material – the more serious the relationship, the stronger

The choice of bed frame depends on the number of people who will sleep in it. A single bed can be made of particle board and consists of two load-bearing backs (head and foot) and two longitudinal side walls – a tsar. With good build quality, such a bed will last a long time.

The material and the frame of the double bed can be the same. But more often there is a variation of four tsars, four legs and a hanging head.

But more often there is a variation of four tsars, four legs and a hanging head.

Double and family beds have increased stress. Therefore, do not buy savings options. The best solution would be a metal frame or box made of solid wood.

Headboards (headboard and bench) are important elements of the framework that perform various tasks:

  • in one and a half bed version, it is the support element of the frame.
  • prevent the cushion from falling and the cover from falling to the floor.
  • protect the body parts from contact with the wall – the wallpaper does not degrade and the risk of colds is reduced – we remember that we like to watch TV before going to bed, leaning our backs on the head.
  • in some models the foot is made in the form of a narrow and tall drawer with a folding top, which is suitable for storing soft objects.
  • At the back you can place nightgowns for easy reading.

Double and family beds have increased stress.

4. The base for the bed – you can only rely on what resists

The basic rule – the bottom of the bed should not bend under the weight of the mattress and people sleeping. Therefore, clamshells with a base of stretched dense fabric and a design with metal grilles can only be useful as a temporary place.

The base of today’s popular bent slabs glued to wood veneer facilitates construction and quietly withstands heavy loads. But it can easily break if your children decide to use the bed as a trampoline.

The best solution would be a metal frame or box made of solid wood.

The base of the bed should be a solid piece of thick plywood or chipboard. A grid of thick boards with a small gap between them is allowed.

IMPORTANT!   When buying a wooden bed, make sure there is a longitudinal arm in the box that works as an extra support. It evenly distributes the load created by sleep and prevents the passage of the bed base.

At the back you can place nightgowns for easy reading.

5. Mattress – the balance of yin and yang is in mutual agreement

Be careful about choosing it. The products that come with the bed do not take into account the individual characteristics of your number. And when the bed is double, then there will be a natural conflict of interest between the spouses, which must be resolved as soon as possible.

Cheap foam products sell quickly and lose their original shape – they can not withstand prolonged use. Discard such a mattress or hide in a closet and use for guests.

The basic rule – the bottom of the bed should not bend under the weight of the mattress and people sleeping.

If your weight categories are the same, then a mattress for a bed with a base consisting of spring block blocks of about 100 pieces per square meter. meter The top of each spring is connected to the adjacent. This method provides the necessary orthopedic stiffness, but has one drawback. With a large difference in weight, the outer surface forms a slope towards the heavier spouse. And this is fraught with the inevitable crawling from the bed to the floor during sleep.

It needs more empty space to be used irrationally.

The second consequence of this method of connecting the sources is an unpleasant possible vibration. You can make good soundproofing in the apartment, but it is cheaper to buy a mattress for a bed made with independent spring technology (EVS) – 200 or more pieces per square meter. meter Each of them carries its own part of the load without transferring it to the adjacent element and is enclosed in a shell that eliminates friction and slows down the beats emitted during sharp compression. The surface adapts greatly to the shape of your body, eliminating the clasp.

The base of today’s popular bent slabs glued to wood veneer facilitates construction and quietly withstands heavy loads.

But disagreements in bed may not end there – your spouse wants to sleep on a hard surface and you are used to a bed with wings. In a modern layer, a layer of glue or latex is responsible for the softness, and the stiffness is created by the following felts or coconut (coconut). The ratio of the thickness of these components gives the surface the necessary properties.

If your tastes are radically different, buy two simple bed mattresses of the same size, which differ in surface hardness. You can also buy a product in which half is intentionally softened. A similar result can be achieved by using less tight springs.

For seniors, the high position of the bed base is preferable – so they spend less effort when getting up in the morning.

With a weight difference of over 50 kg, a family romance will be stored by a product made with DS technology. Among ordinary groups of independent springs, the components made on a “two-in-one” basis are evenly distributed – a narrower, smaller one is inserted into a high-diameter, large spring. The ratio of conventional and reinforced elements is about 260 to 130 per 1 square. meter When the outside does not cope with the load, the inner spring comes to the rescue. This design significantly extends their period of use.

The protective cover must not accumulate dust and moisture and must not be rubbed into holes. The best material is jacquard – it consists of cotton and synthetic materials.

The length should not be less than your height, which you can safely add 20 cm.

NOTICE!   The higher the jacquard content of cotton, the greater its durability.

A good and cheaper solution would be a jersey case. Polyester products are durable and do not allow moisture to pass through, but they are not well ventilated and create a low coefficient of friction – the sheets slide easily. Covers from thick calico “breathe”, but quickly wipe.

The most important is the size of the pier.

Every bed must know its place!

Ergonomics has long developed simple and mandatory rules that help you place it comfortably in a room:

  • it is better to place a headboard with a double bed on the wall.
  • There must be at least 70 cm of free space between the surrounding objects and the side walls of the bed.
  • Do not put a bed in front of the window – few people want to wake up from bright sunlight and the risk of chronic colds from direct currents will increase significantly.
  • do not place the bed in the center of the room – a place or space on the wall of the furniture would be the best choice.

In furniture stores you can choose beds made according to European and American standards.

Listen carefully to the advice of interior designers. The bed should match the chosen style.

  • A wicker design with a bamboo frame will fit perfectly in the eco style, but will not work well with a minimalist design.
  • A high pedestal or platform will fit well in high technology, but will not look good in Romanesque or Provence style interiors, as well as in rooms with low ceilings.

There are five factors that determine the level of comfort.

IMPORTANT!   Beds of this form will look organic in a separate bedroom, but the height of the pedestal should not exceed 0.2 m.

This is where you start and end your day.

How you rest at night determines the productivity of your day. Therefore, go carefully in choosing the bed – it plays an important role in it. To make the nest of family life really warm, make sure that your loved ones would be welcome to return home.

If there is not enough space under the cupboards to store clothes and other necessary items, use beds with built-in drawers.

In the interior of every home, the bed plays a big role. According to statistics, a person spends almost a third of his life in a dream. It is a good dream that is the key to health and well-being. And if you want to buy a new bed in your home, then you need to take this issue more seriously, because together with the bed you choose your future health. Experts say that almost all diseases related to the back occur precisely due to low quality beds. Let’s figure out how to choose a large bed for your bedroom.


The main thing to look out for is the frame of the bedroom itself, the length of the session depends on it. If the design is thin, then it is better not to buy such a bed, in a short time it can easily fail. The frame can be supported on the backs or legs. The bed is believed to be stronger if the support goes to the back, but it also depends heavily on the manufacturer. First of all, it does not matter what design you choose if it is expensive furniture. A bed is just that, the cost of which increases with quality. A good bed can not be cheap. Carved wooden beds, forged metal beds are very popular not only because of their appearance, but also because of their durability. But chipboard, chipboard, MDF beds are not as durable, although again it all depends on the design and manufacturer. In addition, it is worth noting that the mattress will be placed in the frame in the future, which means that its size must match the size of the mattress.


It is best to choose a bed with an orthopedic base. It consists of wooden boards – blades, thanks to which the mattress adapts to the shape of the person on it. They bend under the load, while the adjacent plates are independent of each other. The standard distance between the plates is 6 cm, on the reinforced base the plates are at a distance of 3 cm. In cheap beds, plywood can be used instead of the orthopedic base. Such a base, as it is not difficult to understand, will be static. A shield assembled from ordinary straight boards may also be used; such a base will also not be flexible enough.

Storage location

A bed is a great place to store, which should not be overlooked. In principle, you can store any seasonal things, for example shoe boxes in any bed, where the design allows, but it is not always convenient. It is better to pay attention to those beds in which drawers are provided.

Better yet, get a bed with a lifting mechanism. It will already be possible to place large items here, thus freeing up a significant portion of cabinets and other storage space. For the construction of the lifting mechanism, metal guides and pneumatic shock absorbers are used so that the lifting of the laminate block together with the mattress can be done without much effort even with one hand.


We decided on the frame and the base, but the choice of mattress is no less important. Many say you should sleep on a hard mattress, but this can be supported. In general, the mattress should be neither soft nor hard, the stiffness should be moderate. The best choice, of course, is an orthopedic mattress, which can be of two types: spring-based and spring-free. The ideal choice is latex without opening layers, because they can completely repeat the shape of the body, preventing tissue compression. It is recommended to sleep even in those people who suffer from diseases of the spine.

With spring models, the situation is more complicated. Spring mattresses can be of two types:

  • With continuous hood springs. Such a layer has a major drawback: an opening is pushed through – these neighbors are forced.
  • With independent spring unit. Such a mattress will cost much more, but it is such a mattress that has an orthopedic effect. The best option is to choose an orthopedic mattress in combination with a bed with an orthopedic base.

Between the spring and the cover is a filler. Various materials can also be used. The best are latex and coconut.

Pay attention!   The mattresses are double sided with seasonal wallpaper. One side – summer – made of cotton, the other – made of wool.


There are some standards for sleeping beds. The length of the bed is usually 1.9 or 2 m. To determine the desired length of the bed, you need to add 25-40 cm to your height. People of small and medium height can not worry about it. And for those who are above average, it is worth choosing a very large bed or order the selected model, indicating special parameters.

In terms of width, the beds can be single, one and a half and double. In each section, the width varies as well. A bed from 70 to 90 cm wide is suitable for a child or a tiny girl. Men are better to look in the direction of options with a width of 90-100 cm. If you want to sleep lying on the bed, then one and a half bed will you find it particularly comfortable. You can bring them yourself to people of any weight category. One and a half can be used for sleeping, but remember that this is rather an option for young people who want to sleep in a cuddle, especially in a 140 cm wide bed. The double beds are larger than 140 cm. The standard is 160 cm, but there are beds two meters wide.

Pay attention!   With age, the need for free space during sleep increases.

When choosing a bed in width, it is necessary to consider not only the comfort of sleep, but also the size of the bedroom. If you install a wide bed in a small bedroom, it will occupy half the room. In general, it is common to install a bed so that there is free space on both sides, although some do not follow this rule. If the bed is wide and at the same time placed sideways on the wall, be prepared for the fact that the cleaning and construction of the bed will be inconvenient.

In addition to all the above, do not forget the height of the bed. It is generally accepted that the older the age, the larger the bed. Ideally, you should focus on your knees.

If you decide in advance what parameters your new bed should have, then the right choice will be much easier and you will be satisfied with your purchase.

Have you decided to replace the old crushed Ottomans? Or maybe you are moving to a new apartment and want to give the bedroom furniture from scratch? In any case, buying a bed is good. A good bed is the basis of a good night’s sleep!

Well, we will help you decide and choose a bed so that you not only like it, but also that it meets the modern ideas for the hygiene of the bedroom, that is, it is ideal for a good rest. What are the beds?

Initially: what do we mean by the definition of “bed”

First, we will agree: a sofa and a bed are completely different things. Absolutely! There are different types of beds, but there is absolutely no “sofa” type between them, this is a different type of furniture. Although some people are synonymous with these concepts and do not see much difference between them …

Unlike beds, sofas are undesirable for sleeping. How and why is explained in detail in

Once we have an understanding of this topic, we will study the varieties of beds and decide how to choose a good bed.

In this article, we will talk about classic adult “paths” (ie not bunk beds). Hopefully you will follow the traditional views on bedroom decor and just want that.

Bed shape

Single and “one and a half”, ie most varieties of beds, usually have a rectangular shape. Double square or almost square. But the variety of forms does not end there. Sometimes you can find oval or round beds. And if the oval is at least somewhat close to the usual shape, then the round is completely unusual.

Round beds are usually 2 meters in diameter and are considered double. However, in reality, sleeping with them is not very convenient. You have to be very close. A round bed will fit you well if you sleep alone or in a hug with your spouse. Then you will not feel crowded. Also, this is an acceptable choice for those who are accustomed to sleeping “in a fist”: two people can lie down on different private beds, nailed like a cat and not worry that they can not stretch their height.

Thus, a round bed is suitable for those who:

Prefers “ergonomic” sleeping postures

It has a large bedroom and does not save space

She loves the unusual

Ready to order a custom round mattress and bedding.

The rest is better to abandon the thoughts of such a piece of furniture.


It may or may not be present. And what do you think, which bed is better to choose: with or without a headboard?

For a good night’s sleep, beds with a headboard are better suited.   Some kind of “limiter” is necessary, otherwise at night the pillow will slip out from under the head all the time and fall to the floor.

If you think about it, you can put the bed with your head against the wall and then the pillow will not go anywhere. So what if you want to read before bed? You will often sit with your back to a wall – the wallpaper will suffer. In many homes where repairs are infrequent, the wallpaper near the beds fades – be careful if you have the chance! Continuing, we continue: the headboard should not only be present, it should preferably be high enough.

As for the types of funds, they are very different, for every taste. There are almost as many varieties of beds. Most of the time, the headboard is directly attached to the bed, and sometimes it is separate. Look at the photo: the housing moves on the wall and also serves as a headboard. Heads are also produced, which unfold separately on the wall, like a frame, and the bed is pushed into them.

The headboards are low, high, solid or with gaps, hard and soft, simple or decorated, rectangular, square, semicircular and irregularly shaped. There are beds, the shape of which is generally difficult to characterize. (see photo below)

Types of beds by type of construction

A couple more types of beds: they are hard and soft (covered with filling and upholstery, wrapped). The presence of wallpaper and filling does not apply to the bedroom, it remains rigid in any case. Hard or injured bed – you choose. They are absolutely equivalent in their properties and equally healthy (the wallpaper is made of waterproof materials).

Bed selection

According to the materials

When thinking about how to choose the perfect bed, keep in mind that it must not only be beautiful in appearance, but also made of suitable “raw materials”. At this point, you need to pay close attention. What are the beds depending on the materials? Wooden, iron, with plastic and glass elements, are also often made of particle board, particle board or MDF.

If you buy a metal bed, make sure it is of high quality, covered with anti-corrosion alloy and must be washed. If you choose a tree, you better get an array. In general, wooden – as practice shows, the highest quality beds and the safest.

Avoid inexpensive beds made of chipboard and similar materials. During their construction, adhesive mixtures are used that evaporate harmful volatile components (formaldehyde, etc.) into the ambient air. Their inhalation is not safe for health! If you make a choice in favor of “glued” materials, study the brand and make sure that the material is of high quality and safe. The seller must have safety certificates, which he will provide upon request for study.

Whatever material the bed is made of, before buying it is necessary to make sure that the assembly is of good quality, see if it sticks, if it stands firmly on the surface. Carefully inspect the joints and joints: if there are any adhesive streaks, if the screws are installed evenly.


What are the advantages of an incomplete foundation? They are the fact that beds with bars or racks are lighter in weight. In addition, it is believed that in this way the bottom of the mattress can “breathe” on them, and therefore, evaporate the liquid. It does not accumulate in the mattress, it remains dry, and the molds and dust mites that love moisture do not multiply so actively in it.

All this, of course, is good, but not so necessary.

First: what interests you, how much does your bed weigh? You do not need to drag it every day – it is designed for sleeping and even if it is very heavy, it will not hurt you.

Second, the “breathing” of the mattress is also not an essential thing. During sleep, about 700-1000 ml of fluid comes out of the body, from the surface of a person’s skin. Part of it evaporates into the air, part is absorbed into the pillow and blanket, and part really gets into the mattress and into it. However, to be saturated and the liquid begins to evaporate on the other side … This is difficult. Moisture remains mainly in the upper layers of the sleeping surface of the product. And to evaporate, it is enough after leaving the bed for 20-30 minutes to leave the bed empty.

Third, the literal orthopedic properties of rubber lenses are completely useless if you already have one.

Whatever they tell you, the base of the bed must be stable. For a mattress, this is much better than a grid that will loosen dents in it. On a firm basis, the mattress will remain deformed and retain its original appearance for a long time. In addition, you will never have to deal with the problem of replacing grille bars and plates, as breaking a solid bed base is extremely difficult. Better quality beds are often made with a solid base. And if you are thinking about how to choose a good bed, you can safely lean on this variety.

According to the foot

The bottom of the bed, ie the “side” of the bed at the foot, is the smallest detail. You can do without it. Most modern beds are made without legs and that’s still good: a bedroom can fly and turn, crawl out of a pillow, come out from under the covers – and nothing will stop it.

By design

The design of the bed can be different. If you like the complexity of the forms and have a large bedroom, a simple but elegant four-legged bed will look great in it. If you are a practical person, then you will definitely get a bed with linen box, and if, in addition, as convenience, then buy furniture with a lifting mechanism. Finally, residents of small apartments definitely prefer a convertible bed with plenty of shelves, niches and drawers.

Any choice is good. On preferences, as they say, do not disagree.

With size

The size of the beds is wide, but most know only three options – this is a single, half and double bed. By choosing the width and length of the future bed, many people become hostage to the circumstances. Of course, in a small bedroom, where you just turn, a two-meter bed will not look and do not fit.

However, regardless of the circumstances in which you live, try to keep your bed as large as possible. If you sleep in one, think of just these numbers: its width is almost comparable to the width of a crib. Ideally, everyone should sleep in double beds, even those who stay alone at night. Large open space – this is a free stop in a dream, the absence of a sense of limitation, the ability to throw and turn as much as you want. It is a convenience! Do not deprive yourself of this.

The maximum width of the beds that you can buy is 200 \ u200b \ u200bcm. However, on request, if you want, you can make a bigger bed. Do not forget to choose a suitable mattress for it.

When choosing a bed, do not forget to evaluate the length parameter (many people forget this for some reason). The minimum length of the bed is the height of the person plus 20-30 cm.

And the last: such a dimension parameter as height. Now you can buy both very low and very high beds. Buy furniture you like, but consider the following:

  1. Low options are better not to opt for an older person. Sitting and getting out of a low bed is quite uncomfortable.
  2. Also, low beds are not recommended for rooms with a sink. Through the floor and at an altitude of up to 30-40 cm, penetrates more, you need to sleep higher.
  3. A very high bed visually fills the space, so if you own a small bedroom, you should not choose this option.

With accessories available

It is quite difficult to surprise a modern buyer, in the current abundance. The most unusual pieces of furniture appear to people with sophisticated appearance. What other beds are there?

For example, recently, bedding has regained its popularity. It’s good; For one, yes. It is very beautiful, in addition, when you are in such a bed, you can create the effect of absolute privacy, pulling back the canopy and fencing your little sleepy little people.

However, there is not much practical benefit from a canopy, and vice versa. The main complaint about such beds is that the fabric of the canopy becomes a concentrated source of dust that accumulates in the material. In addition, even if the canopy is loose, it interrupts air circulation around sleep and does not impede oxygen access. A person is actually breathing dusty air and this is unhealthy.

Another common “device” of beds is the numerous upholstery decorations. Folds, ryushechki, other decorative elements … Abstract – also not necessary. First, dust and dirt are collected in many aspects, it is more difficult to care for a bed. Second, all of these decorations are often attacked by young children and animals, eventually stripped, and then left with a seam or an ugly stain.

We really hope that this tour in the world of furniture was not in vain for you, you made conclusions for yourself and now you understand which bed is better to choose. Good luck finding your dream bed!

* Review of the best according to the site authors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, non-advertising and does not serve as a buying guide. Before buying, you should consult a specialist.

The bed, perhaps, can be called one of the main functional elements of the bedroom. Not only the harmony of the interior, but also the comfort of sleep will depend on its quality and appearance. How to make the right choice and not calculate the market correctly? Let’s try to address these issues in our ranking of the best.

How to choose a bed: detailed instructions

By buying a suitable bed, you are really buying your future dream, so it is necessary to approach the process of choosing the right item of furniture with every responsibility. What should I do when buying a bed? So let’s go.

  1. Determine the size and shape . The dimensions of the product are determined, first of all, by the development of the person who will sleep on it. Despite the existing classification of beds according to size (single, one and a half, double), you must choose the right one, guided solely by your own comfort. Sometimes it can be convenient for two to sleep one and a half, and it also happens that they give a double. The length margin should be at least 10 cm (preferably more). As for the form, it all depends on the economic and spatial possibilities. A bed of a non-standard shape is more difficult to place in a room, and bedding will probably have to be sewn or sweaty in search of a suitable one.
  2. Select the box . The next step is to choose the right framework. The material must be chosen very carefully, as not everyone can be called environmentally friendly. For the construction of the frame with metal, veneer, wood and various imitations (MDF, particle board). Metal and natural wood are completely safe materials that will not poison the room. But MDF and the like may contain adhesive allergen components. It is true that the frame is made of these materials faster and is cheaper.
  3. The basis is just as important . It is presented in 2 versions: metal grids and sheet metal (plastic / wood). The latter option is considered orthopedic and provides maximum comfort, but the network will last for many years. It is important to pay attention to the number of plates, if you are in favor of such a base: the larger the bed, the more blades.
  4. Choose a mattress.   We draw attention to 3 points: size, filling and wallpaper. The size of the mattress should clearly coincide with the base (any inconsistencies are fraught with unpleasant sleep and even damage to the product). The filling can be artificial (synthetics are much cheaper, but can cause skin irritation and do not provide air circulation) and natural (expensive, but very high quality and environmentally friendly option). Well, and finally, the wallpaper. Preferred options are natural cotton and sheep wool – both materials are hypoallergenic and will last for many years. Note! Sometimes manufacturers offer a product complete with a mattress, which may not always be of high quality.
  5. Suitable style . Be sure to consider the features of the interior of the bedroom, as the chosen model of the bed should ideally fit the design of the room. In rare cases (when it comes to combined interior), you can choose a bed that will visually stand out with its style against the general background of the room.

  Evaluation of the best bed manufacturers

The Askona upholstered furniture factory is rightly considered one of the strongest companies in Europe: every day the company produces more than 2000 beds and our production capabilities allow us to increase this number by 4 times. The brand is famous not only for the variety of bed models, but also for its own production line of spring blocks and orthopedic mattresses. Ascona Factory is the only one in Russia that uses high-tech orthopedic foam with a safety certificate.


  • the premium orthopedic mattress is included.
  • natural materials in the frame and base.
  • stylish collection of models.


  • consumer complaints about the low quality of artificial materials, the chemical odor.

The brand was included by our experts in the ranking of the best as a worthy representative of the furniture factories, creating reliable classic models of beds at an affordable price. The company offers a wide range of sleeping accessories and pleasant things for a comfortable sleep. So you can comfortably equip the whole bedroom, and not just buy a bed.


  • Anatomical accessories for sleep.
  • a wide variety of bedding (pillows, blankets, bedding, etc.).
  • high quality sleep systems.


  • Consumer complaints about the rapid failure of bed accessories (accessories, beams).

One of the largest Russian furniture chains, offering consumers complete solutions for the interior. The brand specializes in creating affordable and reliable home furniture.


  • original design;
  • large capacity.
  • reasonable prices.


  • vulnerability of mechanisms;
  • poor quality services (delivery delays, insufficient product supply).

The Russian factory specializes in the manufacture of orthopedic beds and mattresses using high quality components, natural materials. The company is based on the practicality and elegant simplicity of the models.


  • orthopedic based models.
  • naturalness of mattress materials;
  • long warranty on products.


  • Consumer complaints about low quality particleboard.

Another home bed manufacturer always takes high quality materials and a wide variety of design styles as the basis of their work. The products will attract fans of the optimal combination of price and practicality.


  • large collection of sleeping accessories;
  • environmentally friendly materials;
  • Elegant models with metal frame.

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