What is a CRM? What are its features and benefits?


The challenge of digitization in companies takes on greater relevance due to the situation. Fortunately, we have solutions tailored to each company, both for their objectives and for their budget. That is why at Quantics we tell you what a CRM is and why this technological tool will help you digitize your company.

What is a CRM?

A CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) is a system developed to digitize activities and processes in employee monitoring software, in different organizational contexts. This can be applied in a rudimentary way through an Excel file or in a more effective and technological way, with dynamic and user-friendly programs.

What is a business CRM?

The business CRM is intended to help meet the objectives of the sales and marketing area .

Therefore, it becomes one of the essential systems for companies such as SMEs, in which the initial objectives to grow are focused on gaining a place in the market with greater visibility and increasing sales volume, until finding a point balance to start growing.

Similarly, companies that are already consolidated and that have a greater number of employees and sales, need CRM to automate sales processes and not lose control in the face of the large volume they represent.

Now, for both SMEs and large companies, CRM can do what for people would represent much more effort, generate more labor costs and be less effective.

A CRM can be the best digitization start, especially in SMEs, due to the sales and marketing objectives it focuses on.

What is CRM for?

After knowing what a CRM is visit vastasys.com, it is important to recognize what it is specifically for. To a large extent, this depends on the solution you choose in the market.

However, in general, the CRM serves to digitize the database of customers, products or services and the management, transactions or interactions that take place between each sales representative and contact.

In this way, the CRM helps you:

Keep a digital and detailed record of customers.
Facilitate 360 ​​° knowledge of customers and their needs.
Identify the solutions or products that each client needs.
Optimize the sales force.
Increase sales opportunities.
Know in which stage of the sales funnel each client is.
Carry out better customer service.
Carry out loyalty work and strengthen the client portfolio.
Attract new customers and increase the reach of the brand and company.
Reduce costs with higher productivity and in less time.
Functionalities of a CRM
What is a crm and its functionalities?
In the case of our Partner Salesforce Cloud solution , you find a CRM that is hosted in the cloud and that allows you to access important business information from any device connected to the network, be it a desktop , laptop , smartphone or tablet .

In addition to 24/7 online access from anywhere, Salesforce gives you multiple features:

Organize and centralize the data

It gathers the database of clients from all the headquarters, sales teams and areas of the company. With this, any authorized user of the company will be able to have updated and online the information they need to manage, follow up and make customer inquiries by advisor or person in charge of their management.

Segment the data

In addition to organizing and centralizing the data of customers and those competent to sales and marketing , the CRM allows you to segment all this information for deeper analysis and facilitate access to accurate information for each employee.

Allows data analysis

Salesforce lets you close deals faster and make the best decisions. For example, it helps you:

Analyze all traceability with each client.

Know the position of each client in the sales cycle.
Finding the best strategies with each client.
Create sales follow-up tasks and find the ideal experts to close a certain contract or business, according to the required skills.
Obtain information grouped and under different criteria on the management of each sales representative.
Identify the best offer for each client.
Power business processes
With all the updated, centralized information and the fastest and most timely management, Salesforce lets you advance in business or opportunities faster and more effectively. For this it allows you:

Prepare for client meetings from anywhere, with information about the agreements. For example, the amount of the contract, stage, where the customer came from, and even information on the competition.
Receive advice to move forward successfully at each stage of the hiring or closing of the sale.

Take notes on calls, meetings, follow-up tasks and associate them with contacts, accounts, contracts, and other criteria.
Assign the most suitable expert to close each business or contract.
It allows to have the information in the cloud
Having your CRM in the cloud, just as you get it with our partner Salesforce solution, gives you all the benefits of access and mobility. In addition to these benefits:

It reduces costs in technological infrastructure, since it does not require space on the company’s servers or computers.
Avoid having to do maintenance and updates, such as those carried by CRMs without Cloud technology.
It only requires a device connected to the network with standard features and a network connection to access anywhere and anytime.
It is safe due to its development of cybersecurity protocols in its source code.
Its implementation is done in less time.
The contribution of a CRM is greater when it is supported by Cloud technology, due to the mobility, 24/7 access and collaborative work that it allows.

Why have a CRM?

What is a crm and how is it implemented
Having a CRM is a way to automate tasks that are essential for the productivity of the sales and marketing area .

In addition, in a CRM like ours you find the possibility of collaborative work in the company, facilitating that its management becomes more effective, regardless of whether it is inside or outside the office.

A CRM also facilitates the decision-making of leaders in companies for their growth.


Knowing what a CRM is has become a necessity for companies, due to the trend towards digitization and remote work that rises with the situation due to the health emergency. Now, this is vital for companies of all sizes to take the step towards digital evolution.

Hence the importance of recognizing: (I) the objective of CRM in productivity for the sales and marketing area ; (II) its usefulness throughout the sales funnel; (III) the support it gives in decision-making, and (IV) the existence of solutions such as Salesforce, which are supported in the cloud, making their implementation easier and more advantageous.

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