Top Strategies for Estate Agents to Improve Their Digital Marketing Efforts


Digital marketing strategies like social media advertising, email marketing, and search engine optimisation are made possible by real estate marketing in order to reach a wider audience and generate leads. These strategies and thoughtful website design for estate agents allow for more specialised and targeted marketing campaigns because clients only decide to purchase after visiting a home in person. Because it can create leads and advertise properties, real estate digital marketing is becoming more and more popular. Additionally, it allows for customised advertising, increasing the possibility of connecting with the correct potential clients. The biggest digital marketing trends that can help estate agents and brokers grow their businesses are discussed in this article.

How can your real estate business be digitalized?

Here are some of the best practices for digital marketing for estate agents that every estate agent and estate agent should take into account.

Establish a respectable web presence

Having active social media profiles is necessary to develop a strong online presence for your company. It’s critical to consistently share engaging content, engage with followers, and use analytics to track progress. Post often with engaging content that includes both instructive text and high-quality images. In order to relate each post to your business, mention your experience selling homes. Thanks to social media, estate agents may now build a reputation online, distribute helpful content, interact directly with followers and improve lead generation for estate agents.

Chatbots can provide immediate customer help.

Chatbot marketing is a text message marketing tactic that uses artificial intelligence. According to a HubSpot poll, 57% of users prefer to connect with chatbots on websites. Facebook Messenger is the greatest channel to employ for chatbot marketing in 2022, with an open rate of 88%. Chatbots can manage numerous discussions at once and provide 24/7 customer assistance, freeing up employees’ important time. Chatbots can help estate agency salespeople streamline their business and increase customer satisfaction. Organisations may also profit from their aid in acquiring crucial information about the preferences and habits of their clients in order to improve their services and product offerings.


If you want to reach your target audience, improve your online exposure, attract more customers, and boost your income, SEO is a crucial part of digital marketing. A study found that 51% of all website traffic is from organic search (SEO), 10% is from paid search, 5% is from social media, and 34% is from other sources. It is critical that you prioritise SEO and concentrate on targeting the keywords most likely to draw relevant traffic and potential clients rather than just aiming for high ranks on low-volume keywords. A legitimate and effective SEO campaign will raise website visibility and attract potential customers who are actively looking for your business.

Investigate social media marketing tactics

Social media has changed how people buy and sell homes. It has made it possible for agents to build a brand, disseminate helpful knowledge, and interact directly with fans. To make the most of social media, agents should create accounts on all the major platforms, publish high-resolution pictures and videos of their listings, respond to messages and comments, and engage with followers. Regularly publish content with eye-catching graphics and educational content and promptly respond to questions and comments. Engaging with others will increase visibility and help to create a strong online presence. Spending money on social media marketing may help increase awareness and attract customers.

Use video in your advertisements

Online videos are an effective marketing tool because 80% of potential buyers will see them before visiting a property. As social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok continue to grow in popularity, video marketing is expected to become even more important. Virtual reality technology is also widely used by real estate companies to provide prospective purchasers with an immersive experience. Due to its capacity to interact more intimately with potential customers, video marketing is becoming more and more popular. You may, for instance, include films of the neighbourhood’s most attractive areas, premium residences, or featured properties. You might also speak with clients and mortgage lenders.

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