Top 5 Types of Painting to Spruce-Up your Home Décor


There are many different types of painting you can do to spruce-up your home décor. You can choose a specific type of painting to match the theme of your room, or you can use a variety of techniques to create an eclectic look. Here are five popular types of painting to get you started with home decoration

1. Floral Paintings

Grace, hues, tranquility, and a budding new viewpoint- these are just a few characteristics that a floral painting depicts. In the ancient times, floral artwork used to be a part of every home in the form of decorative wallpapers, floral curtains, linens, and even cutlery. However, floral artwork has re-emerged and transforming the interior appeal in a new way.

The floral paintings are one of the easiest techniques to give any home an artistic and lovely style and makeover. Just like a real flower, the floral paintings are also no less than a mesmerizing element in your home.

2. Nature or Landscape Paintings

Whenever anyone looks at nature artworks or landscape paintings, they give us a totally different or unique experience. They make us realize the greatness of Mother Nature and inspire us to appreciate its beauty. Earlier the landscape paintings were used in art galleries but now they are being used a primary decorative element in homes. They instantly spruce-up any home interior.

Coming to their characteristics, landscape paintings portray mountains, valleys, fields, etc. that further tells you to be strong, kind, helpful just like these environmental elements.

3. Seven Running Horses Paintings

To give your home a nice style, you can buy paintings online that have some spiritual meaning attached to them such as Seven Running Horses paintings. Yes, the painting of seven running horses is more than just a piece of home décor.  It is an element of good luck and prosperity. It portrays cheerful Sun, Welcoming Ocean, and fearless horses.  This particular style of painting will go with every home theme and immediately spruce-up the look of your space.

4. Abstract Paintings

Abstract paintings make use of visual language of colors, shapes, and patterns to design a masterpiece that may have some degree of independence attached from world’s visual references.  In simple words, you never try to find out any sensible information from the scribbles done by toddlers and this is what abstract paintings are all about. Nowadays people love buying paintings online from abstract category to give a distinct makeover to their residential spaces.

Abstract painting is one of the most appreciated forms of art to spruce-up your home décor. This non-representational and non-objective type of painting is today a priority of art-lovers for decoration purposes.

5. Buddha Paintings

Your home décor is incomplete without a spiritual figure and that is why you should get a Buddha painting. The delight with which Lord Buddha is portrayed in  Buddha paintings highlights calmness, fortune, and willingness to follow meditation and walk on a positive life route. Apart from good energies, this specific painting type will offer an aesthetic appeal to the rooms.

Earlier the Buddha paintings were designed only in one posture i.e. sitting Buddha under a tree. However, the artists have now painted Lord Buddha in multiple styles such as sleeping poses, Nairatmya Buddha, Vairocana Buddha paintings, and more. You have so many options to choose from Buddha paintings to spruce-up your home décor instantaneously.

Final Words

When you step into the market –online or physical, you will come across thousands of painting styles for home decoration. However, to save you from confusion of any kind, these are the top 5 types of paintings that will no moment to enhance the look of your sweet home.  These paintings vary in terms of creativity and sense, so you can choose the one that goes parallel to your thinking and art preferences.

You can buy paintings online to explore multiple varieties from these painting categories as physical stores may have limited pieces due to several reasons. So, do check the painting collections online at reputed sellers’ platform such as The Bimba, Fizdi, etc.

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