8 Features That Are Revolutionizing Smart Conference Rooms in NYC!


There have been many workplace advancements throughout recent years that have totally transformed how people do their jobs on a daily basis, and one of those advancements is the widespread implementation of smart conference rooms.

Smart conference rooms provide businesses with all sorts of different features and capabilities, including video conferencing, interactive screens and room scheduling software. The Geek Watch Now experts have teamed up with the smart conference rooms nyc specialists at PSE-AV to develop this list of features that business leaders everywhere should know about.

So, take it from the tech experts who are helping industry leaders in New York to prepare your company with the latest smart technology for your conference room!

What Are Smart Conference Rooms?

Smart conference rooms provide interactive meeting experiences through advanced, intelligent technology. To put it simply, smart conference rooms are meeting rooms that feature enhancing technology for more collaborative, dynamic workplaces.

This enhancing technology includes things like video conferencing, AI-driven meeting analytics, whiteboards, cameras and much more.

Smart Conference Room Features

Because many businesses have a hybrid work environment, video conferencing has never been more important; however, there are also many other incredible features that are revolutionizing the concept of a commercial meeting area.

Some of the most popular smart conference room features include:

Smart Whiteboards

Whiteboards have long been a productive tool for brainstorming sessions and other office uses, but there’s a huge difference between traditional and smart whiteboards. Notes placed on smart whiteboards can be saved rather easily, and they can also be shared with a group for future reference.

This essentially means that your team can have more productive meetings, and you’ll also remain on the same page with each other after your meeting has ended.

Smart Conference Room Cameras

Smart conference room cameras do a great job at capturing each individual attending a meeting within a physical office space.

These cameras are usually positioned just below a video screen, and they’re capable of capturing a larger audience within a more spacious room.

Room Scheduler

Room schedulers do a great job of monitoring your conference room’s general usage by seamlessly synchronizing your team’s calendar and email software together to manage room availability.

This type of software can help your company keep meeting room operations more seamless and organized.

Interactive Displays

Some smart conference room integrations and digital tools include interactive displays with built-in editing capabilities and annotations. This feature is important because it allows your team to collaborate with full transparency, no matter where they’re physically located.

You can also record your meeting and share the meeting file with any team member who wasn’t able to attend.

Productivity Tools & Smart Analytics

IT leaders and facility managers are now being equipped with many productivity tools and advanced analytics by using smart conference rooms.

These analytical tools allow users to recognize which conference rooms are used the most within a large office, as well as which rooms are being booked up but not actually used.

Smart Security Features

Another awesome feature of smart conference rooms is that they utilize secure authentication and encryption protocols to minimize unauthorized access, secure data transmissions, and ultimately keep your company’s secrets safe.

In other words, what happens in smart conference rooms stays in smart conference rooms!

Intruder Detection Systems

Intruder detection systems are sort of like red alerts for smart conference rooms, because they identify things like multiple unauthorized entry attempts and alert IT staff when issues come up.

Smart conference rooms are fully equipped to identify these types of threats by helping your team steer clear of cyber intruders and threats.

Video Conferencing Software

Video conferencing has become an essential part of any meeting room, and this is particularly the case within smart conference rooms.

Video conferencing dramatically enhances the meeting experience for businesses of all types and sizes, and this is particularly the case for businesses with remote employees or out-of-state partners/clients.

Contact The Experts At PSE-AV To Speak With Smart Conference Room NYC Specialists About Your Next Workplace Investments!

There have been countless tech-savvy advancements that have improved the modern workplace in recent years, so it’s normal for business leaders to be confused about what their investment options are when it comes to smart conference rooms.

Whether you’re in the NYC area or anywhere else in the country, you can benefit from the support of the PSE-AV experts who’ve supported countless businesses with their smart conference room installations and management.

Contact PSE-AV to speak with their specialists about installing a smart conference room at your office today!

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