How to fix a painting made with felt pen tips


I wanted to share how you can arrange cool drawings easy drawn by hand using felt tip pens, permanent markers, a pen, and wax crayons without thermal printing. It all started with the fact that once. I decided to depict a crane in a T-shirt from the fairy “Crane and the Fox”…

You will need

  • Thick markers and permanent markers
  • Thin Centropen Marker
  • Transparent silicone sealant ZAO “Petrohim.”

Instruction manual

1. So, we publish the contours of the desired pattern and transfer the drawing to the fabric with a pencil using the lamp.

2. We put cardboard inside the clothes to not stain the back and paint the picture with thick felt pen tips. Such as permanent markers (Flagman Tukzar) and ordinary markers-text markers-this is more convenient. The fabric does not stretch, easier to apply. The drawing was outlined using a black permanent marker for Centropen CDs.

We now take a transparent silicone sealant, which is sold in hardware stores in tiny tubes of 40 grams each, and applied evenly to the drawing, going half a centimeter and beyond the edge of the picture for more reliable photoprotection from water.

3. Particular attention is paying to the fact that the sealant composition consists only of acetoxy silicone, ZAO Petrokhim, St. Petersburg. Petersburg (brand Novbytkhim).

4. While the sealant has dried but not wholly dried – after about fifteen minutes in one place – we fix it with an iron for better penetration into the fabric and for the smoothness of the silicone coating. We set the iron to full mode and iron it through thin paper (like putting paper) for about five minutes, without forgetting to put cardboard or newspaper under the shirt. They take away unnecessary heat, and the coating does not explode.

The drawing on the T-shirt is ready-now it can be soaked, washed, ironed with no risk that the image will harden, crack, crack, or smear!

5. The drawing looks like after washing – it is smeared around the edges because it is necessary to apply half a centimeter of sealant on the edges for more protection. The blue and brown felt tip gives off excess paint.

Advantages of drawing

It is something young people often do to express their imagination, but the benefits of drawing for adults are great. Tapping into your drawing skills is a great way to relax and reduce stress while increasing creativity and innovation. Maybe that’s why so many adults are participating in Sip and Paint classes around the world. Vegetables names for kids!

Although drawing is one of the main tasks (all you need is a pen, paper, and some creativity), it’s sometimes hard to get started. That’s why we’ve set together the latest list of simple things to draw to assist you to get begun. Pick something from this list, and just get started. You probably have an example lying around the house to sketch. If not, look for some pictures online! Since it’s a learning process, don’t be afraid to draw the ugly first. Just keep practicing and enjoy the process. Tapping into the mental drawing is excellent for mental health.

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