Getting to Know Abogada Julia “Giulia Fantacci”


Abogada Julia decided to start GF Immigration Law after working for several years in other fields of immigration, she found a path to intertwine her commitment and passion for human rights with her work as an immigration attorney.

More specifically, Abogada Julia, also known as Giulia Fantacci, decided to go into helping out those looking to get their papers in the United States after being exploited, smuggled, human trafficked, or abused in a domestic violence case. These people have so much adverse history in life, and fighting for their papers alone can feel incredibly intimidating.

How has GF Immigration Law grown over the years? What makes them different from some of the other options out there? Putting together a business from nothing can have challenges, but Abogada Julia feels very confident that GF Immigration Law is thriving more and more by spreading helpful information, and helping thousands of clients throughout the United States.

Creating GF Immigration Law

After graduating from the University of Miami, Abogada Julia knew that she wanted to go into a specific type of work with immigration law. It made sense for her to help others in need, as she now had the resources available to provide services to help them.

She founded GF Immigration Law by putting together three reasonably fundamental principles. While they are pretty straightforward to understand, they are fundamental principles that have helped many clients along the way.


A lot goes into putting together a case for any immigrant looking to be legal in the United States. It can be a nerve-racking experience for anyone involved. That’s why GF Immigration Law strives to communicate consistently with updates for every client they work with.

There are constant emails and text messages to stay in touch. According to their website, if someone has a question, they strive to answer it as quickly as possible. There can be a lot of downtimes, but it’s still reassuring to hear from the team.

As communication should be a two-way street, this also plays into overall accessibility for their clients to reach out whenever they need. GF Immigration Law uses video and audio calls to communicate with their clients  anywhere in the United States.

Some locations don’t have immigration lawyers nearby who specialize in helping with T-Visas and these specific situations in general. Going online and connecting with Abogada Julia makes a huge difference.

Comprehensive Legal Solutions

Not every client will have the same case, situation or answer at GF Immigration Law. One of the challenging parts of immigration law is just how much variance is out there. What works for one case might not work for the next, which is why creative solutions are crucial.

This means the team must go the extra mile and find a positive outcome for every client. No solution is perfect, but there have been many instances where GF Immigration Law has been able to find success after others have failed.

The best way to have success with creativity when looking into a possible solution for a case is to have experience. Abogada Julia and her team have been able to change many lives, which has given GF Immigration Law the experience to know what direction to go in early on.

The creative mind begins to devise a plan as soon as the initial call occurs.

Fast Results

Simply put, everyone wants the fastest results possible regarding their immigration status. That means working quickly on the case and finding meaningful results as soon as possible.

There can be many different obstacles that hold up a case, but it’s all about doing things the right way to get the results they seek.. Fast results can speed up getting family members to the United States, setting up a work opportunity, applying for a Green Card, and more.

This might not seem like much, but the faster the first steps occur, the faster everything begins to come together. It helps reconnect with the team and client to plan for the future.

What People Are Saying About GF Immigration Law

GF Immigration Law would not be able to succeed without providing the clients with positive experiences throughout the years. Many people have been hesitant that a firm can help them, but seeing positive experiences through reviews can help reassure them.

One of the common themes in the reviews is the personal level of attention received when working with Abogada Julia and her team. She maintains consistent communication within her team so that her clients receive top-notch services.

Other reviews emphasized the speed  the Abogada Julia team works. So many clients have already been through tough times, and the last thing they want to do is wait around for results.

Moving Forward With GF Immigration Law

According to their website and what is online, Abogada Julia and her firm see the need for high-quality help becoming increasingly important to the masses. That’s why she’s been focused on spreading the word and letting people understand that there is help for those who need it.

Plenty of people don’t even know these options exist and spreading the word can help those needing help. Social media and simple word of mouth have helped people connect with GF Immigration Law.

When more knowledge about the help readily available to legally live a comfortable life after coming to the United States under challenging situations is the answer many are looking for.

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