7 Unexpected Wall Design Ideas for Your Living Room


Does your living room feel dull and drab? Feel like your living room requires a makeover? Your living room happens to be the space where you lounge in your leisure time, hang out with your friends and family and have intimate conversations. Your living room must be designed in a way that screams stylish, cosy and welcoming.

Looking for some unique wall paintingideas at home to try out this year? Read along and discover 7 stylish and creative ways in which you can amp up your living room décor.

Hang an unframed statement artwork

Hanging artwork is another way in which you can give your wall painting a real oomph and make them look stylish and unique. Ditch the framed artwork which looks cold and impersonal and instead go for large unframed masterpieces which will demand attention.

Go for bold artwork which has vibrant colours which will instantly light up your living room and refresh it.

Create a gallery wall

One of the quickest ways to make your wall painting stand out is by giving it a personal touch and telling a tale. That is where a gallery wall comes into the picture. Want your walls to tell your guests about your interests, likes and passion?

Create a gallery wall in your living room and put-up photographs and artwork which move and inspire you.

Have an accent wall

Don’t want to paint all your walls in the same hue? Why not go for an accent wall, also known as the feature wall? This wall will be the focal point of your living room and you can adorn it in a way which screams elegance and opulence.

You can either paint your walls in neutral hues and go for a vibrant accent wall or paint the main walls in a single hue and use a contrasting colour for the accent wall. You can hang artwork, photographs, bicycles, plates and many such innovative décor elements on your accent wall.

Install wall scones

Want a moody wall painting idea for your home? Why not install a few wall scones in your living room which will instantly give your living room an old-world charm and make it look chic and gorgeous?

Make sure that the walls scones match the theme of your home interior and living room furniture and don’t clash with them.

Install a bookcase

Not a big fan of plain walls? You can consider mounting a rustic bookshelf into your living room wall. You can also consider adding a minimalist poof or chair by the bookshelf which you can use to sit and read your favourite book.

By adding a bookcase to your living room, you can immediately add character and personality to your living room and make it look posh and chic.

Hang plates

Who says plates can only be kept in your kitchen? Do you own a gorgeous plate set which you would love to put on display for your guests? You can mount them on your living room walls and add character, texture and a pop of colour to your living room interior design.

Shop for ceramic plates which have bold colours and prints and hang them on your living room walls to make your guests swoon.

Install a mirror

We are talking about installing a large floor-length mirror in your living room. There are several benefits of having a mirror in your living room interior design. It will reflect ample light and make your living room look airy and spacious. You can also use this mirror to click family pictures and outfit pictures before you step outside your house.

The way you adorn your house walls tells a lot about you to your guests. So, make sure that you carefully decorate your living room walls in a way that inspires you and sparks joy in you.

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