Avoid These Four Characteristics To Succeed in Leverage Trading


Forex Trading or leverage trading is not a child’s game. Since money is involved, it is just right to be keen and thoughtful of your trades. As they say, 90-95% of Forex traders lose money in the first 90 days of trading. This means that only 5-10% are survivors of this game. These numbers are heartbreaking especially for those people who are trying to succeed and make a living out of trading.

95% of traders have common characteristics, resulting in their failures. Things like poor management of funds, poor strategy, and bad timing are some factors that contributed to the losses of traders in the Forex market.

Lack of Trading Plan

If you don’t have a well-thought trading strategy, you will most likely lose the chance to succeed in FX trading. But the question is, how can you make sure that the strategy is indeed profitable or not? The best thing that you can do for this is to do back-testing. It is very simple to do back-testing. To be able to do it, you need to implement that strategy into charts with data coming from the past years. After conducting the back-test, you will know whether the strategy that you will use is profitable or needs changes.

Poor Risk Management

One of the most common yet serious mistakes one can ever make in leverage trading is not being able to create profitable risk management as this is considered to be very essential in investing and trading. By the time you get to know more about the proper usage of risk management, you will successfully create a strategy that you can use in the Forex market.

In the Forex market, traders need to use lot sizes out of the money that they have in their trading accounts. Although it is claimed that only 5-10% of traders become successful in trading, these key factors are what separates them from the losing end. Success is attained by traders who manage their money efficiently.

Emotions Are Getting on the Way

Another common problem of Forex traders is their emotional attachment. Unfortunately, those traders who tend to give up easily cannot find success because of their psychological traits, as well as character, do not match those of successful traders. You have to spend more time on personal improvement if you want to impart success.

Other characteristics that could hinder you in obtaining success in trading includes;

Overcomplicating of the analysis

Very poor strategy on money management

Unrealistic market expectations

Trading with money that they can’t afford to lose

Using market noise instead of reliable data

More time on charts, less on the trading plan

No consistency

Cannot deal with losses

Not being patient

Despite the constant reminders of those traders who gained success in trading, there are still a lot of people who fail to achieve these requirements and instead, settle on the basic skills and talent in trading. Moreover, the Forex market is full of uncertainties that can really tear you apart. Therefore, you need to constantly work on improving your skills and develop a solid trading plan.

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