Which interior door material is right for you?


Doors are pretty much what completes a house. Until you have your doors installed, the entire home is just a vast land of open spaces that anyone can just walk through whenever they want! They’re the things that give you privacy and security, but with all that, comes a little bit of a problem…

Choosing the right doors…

Doors come in so many shapes, sizes, designs, and materials that it can get very difficult to figure out which one you should go for! A lot of people start with one vision in their mind, and then as the rest of their home comes together, they start revisiting their initial idea and just end up being super confused about which one they should go for, and this is a pretty common problem! But not for long! We’re going to be going over each type of door, and where it fits to figure out which material would work best in your space! So by the end of this post, you know exactly which door you need to get!

1. Solid Wood

There’s a reason why solid wood doors are so popular all over the world, it’s because they’re one of the strongest materials in the door market! If you’re looking for a strong, sturdy door for the main entry points of your home, there’s nothing better than getting nice, solid wood doors! However, that durability and strength don’t come cheap! Solid wood doors can get fairly expensive, and depending on the finish you go for and the locks you choose, they can get more expensive! So if you need to stay within a budget, these may not work for the whole house, but it’s better to just use these for the entry points!

2. Hollow Core Doors

Hollow Core Doors are the doors you commonly see used inside a home. These have a wooden frame, but the core of it is entirely hollow from the center. These doors look almost identical to solid wood doors, but since they aren’t, they run a lot cheaper, making them more accessible if you need lots of doors all over the home!

3. Solid Core Doors

Solid Core Doors are kind of like hollow core doors, but instead of being totally hollow from the center, they’re filled with wood fiber. Kind of like the insulation in your walls! These add some strength to the doors, without making things super expensive. So they’re the perfect option if you want to get doors that look solid, but aren’t! Get the look without having to spend too much money on them!

4. MDF

Next up, we have a medium-density fiberboard. These aren’t wood at all and are made entirely of fibreboard instead. They’re not going to be as durable as a wooden door would be, hollow or otherwise, but if you’re on a super tight budget, these can be a great buy! They look exactly like wooden doors when they’re finished, but don’t come with the same price tag!

5. Glass Doors

Finally, we have glass doors. Now, these can’t really be used as your main doors, at least not unless you have a giant secure driveway leading up to your home because having a door that lets people look in, is a major security risk. However, they do make great doors leading out to your backyard! They can really open up a space and add a partition without making things too much of a cluster! These aren’t the strongest, but you can actually get stronger types of glass to add to the level of security.

If all of these descriptions have just made things even more confusing for you, call Door Repair NYC, or a recommended door service in your area so they can check out your space and find the perfect doors for you!

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