Types of SSL Certificates: Which One is Right for You?


An SSL certificate refers to a security protocol that encrypts the connections between the web browsers and a site. All website owners are recommended to install this, especially if they need sensitive information or data from their users. SSL certificates are available in many types. Some are known to be better for some websites than others. You can choose between free and paid SSL certificates based on your business, website size, and budget.

In this article, let us find out the different types of SSL certificates and how to find which one is best for you.

SSL Certificates Types

To differentiate the SSL certificate types, there are two categories- one is the number of cheap domains and subdomains, while the other is the validation level of the certificate. There are four types of SSL certificates:

Single-Domain SSL Certificate

This kind of SSL certificate secures only one domain and every page of that domain. However, it will not secure associated domains.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

Similar to the single-domain SSL certificates, this certificate secures only one domain. But, it also covers subdomains related to that domain. One Wildcard certificate can protect all of them.

Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

The purpose of this certificate is the opposite of Wildcard Certificates, as it can secure multiple domains but not subdomains. This certificate is also called Unified Comunication Certificate and Subject Alternative Name.

 Multi-Domain Wildcard Certificate

This certificate combines the offerings of the multi-domain certificate and the Wildcard certificates. So, using just one certificate, you can secure multiple domains and related subdomains.

Which SSL Certificate is Best For You?

SSL certificates are available in different types. If you want a website to be trusted and look legit to your visitors but are not sure which certificate will fulfill your requirements, let us help you make the correct choice:

  • For personal and small websites with just one domain, a single-domain SSL certificate can be suitable as it will do the job and is affordable.
  • If your website has one domain with multiple subdomains, the Wildcard certificate can be a great option. It is a cheaper option than getting separate SSL certificates for every subdomain.
  • For large businesses and websites with over one domain, the multi-domain certificate can be a wide choice. This certificate covers all the domains and is a cheaper alternative to getting a certificate for every domain.
  • If your business wants to save money and time, then a multi-domain Wildcard certificate can be perfect for securing both multiple domains and multiple subdomains.

SSL certificates are adopted by nearly every website these days to ensure a safe internet connection. Moreover, with a rise in cyber threats, it is strictly enforced by most of the popular search engines. Now, you have a clear idea of the different SSL certificates out there. We hope that it helps you select the most appropriate one for your website.

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