Six Top WooCommerce Plugins to Boost Your Sales


While WordPress is widely used as an online storefront to sell products and services, it was not originally designed specifically for ecommerce purposes. However, with the help of WooCommerce plugins and tools, you can transform your WordPress website into a fully functional online shop. These plugins provide the necessary features and functionality required to enhance your ecommerce capabilities and drive sales.

Here, we will discuss the top six WooCommerce plugins that can effectively boost your online sales.

Top Six WooCommerce Plugins to Boost Sales

1. ShopEngine

Since its launch in 2021, ShopEngine has gained attention for its impressive modules, widgets, templates, and other features. The plugin has modules like Quick Checkout, Product Comparison, and Sales Notification to enhance your WooCommerce pages and improve customer satisfaction. It also offers drag-and-drop widgets for easy customization and provides ready-made templates for a seamless user experience.

2. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist is a plugin that emulates the ‘favorites’ feature on your site commonly found on major ecommerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. Simply put, it helps you create a wishlist page for your website, allowing customers to easily save and revisit their favorite items for future purchases. The plugin seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, increasing your sales and providing a more user-friendly experience for customers.

3. WooCommerce Multilingual

The WooCommerce Multilingual plugin by WPML enables you to incorporate multiple currencies into your storefront. This plugin is perfect for websites that serve global audiences or businesses that want to tap into global markets and provide customers with a seamless shopping experience in their preferred language.

4. Menu Cart for WooCommerce

The WooCommerce Menu Cart plugin adds a shopping cart button to your main navigation menu. This plugin comes in handy when using a WordPress theme that doesn’t include a shopping cart icon at the top of the page.

Furthermore, by utilizing the shopping cart icon, you can seamlessly integrate WooCommerce functionality into your theme.

5. Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce

Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce does exactly what its name suggests. It enhances the post-purchase customer experienceby enabling customers to choose a specific delivery date during the checkout process. The plugin effectively reduces cart abandonment rates because customers now have the option to select a precise date for their delivery.

6. WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

The WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway is a highly popular plugin for WooCommerce. It is widely used for creating a secure payment gateway across various major ecommerce platforms.

As WooCommerce itself doesn’t include payment gateways, installing this plugin can easily integrate and connect your online store with your Stripe account, enabling seamless payment processing.

But we hope our list helps you choose the best WooCommerce plugin for boosting sales.

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