Searching For the Best Certification Courses for Data Science? We Have a List


Data science has been the buzzword for the past couple of years. However, many are still dubious regarding its importance and role in today’s world. To put it in simple words- Data Science is associated with locating patterns in the available data and analyzing that data. This involves using tools and techniques to arrive at a decision. The result is aimed to help companies make the right decision about their products and their target customer group.

Before the onset of data science, statistics were used to predict consumer behaviour and aid companies in making the right steps to promote their products. However, Data Science is important as it helps companies design their products according to the needs of their users. In this way, they help in saving time and money both. Moreover, after getting informed of their users’ purchasing patterns, companies can boost their experience and aim for a higher level of customer satisfaction.

However, being a data scientist isn’t easy. For companies to craft a useful product, only relevant and useful information or data must be dugout. So if you aim to land a job as a data scientist, a data science certification course might help you achieve your aim. There are several reasons why you should have a certification in Data Science.

Before getting hired for the role of a data scientist, a candidate’s career details are minutely observed and explained. Therefore, having the right kind of skill set is a must for this position. Data science certifications can also help you gain specific skills that can help you bag your desired position. In addition, these certification courses can help you provide proof of the skills and qualifications you possess.

Here is a list of accredited certification courses that you can choose from to become well-versed with all the skillsets required in the industry today:

1. Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert or MCSE: MCSE certifications cover various specialities and skills needed in the tech field. Microsoft offers two courses, one based on business applications and the second one based on analytics and data management.

Cost per exam, per attempt- INR 11,169 (may vary depending upon the country)

Expiration: Valid for only Three years

2. Amazon AWS Big Data Certification: This data science certification course is suitable for those who have prior work experience in the AWS environment and aim to transition to complex data handling. Through this course, candidates will learn and implement core data AWS big data services and gain skills to help them handle big data ecosystems.

Cost per exam, per attempt- INR 22, 338 (may vary)

Expiration: Valid for only Two years

3. Oracle Certified Business Intelligence: This course will help you understand how intelligence tools are utilized and optimized in businesses. Through this course, you can assist your organization in making careful and data-driven business decisions.

Cost per Exam, per Attempt- INR 18, 243 (may vary)

Expiration: There is no Expiration of this Certification

4. Dell EMC Proven Professional Certification Program: Upon completing this course, you will be provided with a data science associate certification. This certification will help you prove your worth as a professional skilled data scientist.

Cost: INR 14,892 (may vary)

Expiration: Valid for only Two years

Data scientists are needed in almost all tech-based companies now. However, it is not just the technicians who wish to take up designation as data scientists. Data science certifications are a great way to gain an edge over your competition. These certifications, along with data science online training, also provide data science certification, which would ascertain your position in any business or company you wish to work with.

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