How to Troubleshoot Antifreeze Boils Issue


The boiling of antifreeze is an unpleasant phenomenon when car owners get stuck in traffic jams or run the car in adverse circumstances. For avoiding such issues, you must know the exact cause of the overheating of the coolant, how to deal with such circumstances and also the contact number of the car service station in Gurgaon.

How the cooling system works

On modern cars, the traditional cooling unit works on the principle of fluid circulation.  When the engine cools down, the coolant flows in small circles, constantly changing the water jacket, heater, and temperature sensor. In such cases, the antifreeze level is normal.

When the engine heats up, a large circle opens, and the fluid rotation affects the central radiator. As a rule, the refrigerant expands, its excess flows into the tank, and the pressure is reduced by operating the cover overflow valve. After reaching the threshold value at At 100 ° ©, the volume of the liquid reaches the maximum level, its surplus is dumped- it is that exact moment antifreeze rages. As the engine cools, the refrigerant gets compressed, the pressure and boiling decrease. This is an everyday process in which the antifreeze naturally heats up and then cools down.

There are multiple types of internal combustion engine cooling systems:

1. Air. In such a system, blowing with cold streams displaces the hot air from the motor space to the outside. In some cars, manufacturers employ natural ways and in some, using a force fan. Over time, research has shown the efficiency of this type, especially for modern engines, is very low. Therefore, it is only used in combination with liquid.

2. Liquid. Such a system is created using tubular circuits, using which the refrigerant circulates for cooling. Most often, it is a forced type with a thermosyphon or pump. In such systems, the circulation is happening due to the temperature difference in heated or cold liquid densities. Typically, these two systems are combined to provide cars with higher efficiency.

3. Combined. A fluid circuit and an air blowing system are used.

If there is an issue with boiling in the engine’s cooling system, it is strictly forbidden to load the car, gas, and brake. Moreover, also avoid pouring cold water on the engine, touch the hot parts and force open the expansion tank covering. This is the correct way to proceed:

  • Move downhill.
  • Slowly slow down by switching to the neutral gear. In such a way, the air flowing toward the car will blow over the engine compartment and cool it.
  • Increase the internal heating to the maximum temperature to eliminate heat from the radiator.
  • Roll the car until it comes to an absolute stop, preferably by standing under the canopy of a tree.
  • Turn off the car engine, but leave the ignition on as of that moment.
  • After the engine has been working for another 5-10 minutes, turn it off completely.
  • Move to the nearest car service centre in Gurgaon for thorough diagnosis.

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