How to Choose the Best Quartz Slab Products for Your Home


Slab-style quartz countertops are one of the most popular upgrades home buyers can make to their kitchens. They’re also one of the most expensive. But, with good reason: they look incredible and provide a high level of durability and performance. If you have the money for it but not the space for a fully integrated kitchen, a quartz slab is an easy solution. You will need to incorporate your new countertop into your kitchen design, however. Here’s everything you need to know about buying the best quartz products so that your investment ends up being worth it and looks beautiful in your space.

Decide What You Want From Your Quartz Slab

The first part of choosing the right products for your countertop is deciding what you want from your new countertop. You’re going to use it primarily for food prep and eating, but you might also want to use it for other activities. If so, you want the countertop to be durable and easy to clean. How much you use your quartz countertop depends on how much you spend on your kitchen remodel. If you’re replacing your old countertops with new ones, you’ll want to choose products that are more durable than the ones you’re replacing. You will also want the countertop to look nice and add flair to your kitchen. The best way to do that is to choose a quartz countertop with a design that blends with your other kitchen décor.

Know the Differences between Quartz

There are three main types of quartz countertops. The type of quartz you choose depends on the type of space you have and the look you want in your kitchen. Quartz is a naturally occurring mineral that’s been used for centuries in the construction of buildings, furniture, and cookware. We currently use it as a countertop material because it’s softer and easier to work with than granite or other countertop materials. There are three main types of quartz: Florida, oolitic, and citrinite.

Florida: This is the type of quartz that’s most commonly used as a countertop. It has a fine grain with a soft grey color. It looks great under cabinets, but it’s not ideal for use as a wall or flooring tile.

Oolitic: This quartz type has a coarser grain than Florida quartz and a darker grey color. It’s not as smooth and fine-grained as the floridal type, and it has a slightly rough texture.

Citrinite: This is a rare type of quartz that’s primarily found in Australia. It has a pink hue and a larger grain.

The 3 Types of Quartz Slab Countertops

The three types of quartz slab countertops are natural quartz, engineered quartz, and engineered stone.

Natural quartz: Natural quartz is the most affordable and goes by the brand name of grey or white natural quartz. It’s mined from the earth and is therefore the least processed type of quartz. In consumer products, it looks similar to a marble countertop.

Engineered quartz: This countertop type has quartz particles that have been bonded together with minerals. It’s the most common type of quartz countertop. It can be a variety of colors, and it has a more consistent texture and a smoother surface.

Engineered stone: This type of countertop is made from a combination of quartz, granite, and basalt. It has the look and texture of stone, but it’s made from natural minerals.

Check for Expert Opinion

Whether you’re buying quartz countertops from a store or online, it’s a good idea to inspect them. You want to make sure they’re the right color, that they match the rest of your kitchen, and that they’re consistent in size and shape. If you’re buying online, you can request samples of the countertop and have them send you a sample of the back wall finish. But, if you’re buying in person, you can have a tile or granite installer inspect the countertops. You can also request a sample of the countertop that you’re considering. When you’re inspecting the product, be sure to look closely at the color, consistency, and shape of the countertop. Also, check to see if the grout is properly installed and if the product is level.

Ask About Durability and Care When Inspecting Stores

When you’re checking out the options in stores, ask about the durability of the countertop. You also want to know about care. If you plan on installing your new countertops yourself, you’ll want to know how to clean them and how to prevent staining. You’ll also want to know if your new countertop is scratch resistant or if it will scratch easily. If you’re hiring an installer, you want to make sure they’ve installed products before. You also want to make sure they’re installing the countertop on a level surface and that they’re cleaning up after themselves each day. If you’re buying quartz countertops in a store, ask about their durability and care. You’ll also want to know if the store is reputable and if you can return products that don’t work for you.

Be Selective When Buying Online

If you’re buying the best Quartz Surfaces from a store, make sure you inspect the product and make sure it’s consistent in size and shape. Also, make sure it’s not scratched or damaged in any way. Finally, if you’re buying online, make sure the online store you’re buying from is reputable and that they sell high-quality quartz countertops. You’ll also want to make sure the countertop you’re buying is in-stock and ready to ship. If you’re buying online, be sure to take pictures of the countertop. You can also save the product’s SKU and product information to your phone’s notes so you have it handy when you’re shopping.


There’s no denying that a quartz countertop looks amazing in your kitchen. But, it’s also the most expensive option and the hardest to install. Before you make the investment, you want to make sure you choose the right products for your space and that you’re prepared to install them.

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