How to Accurately Test Internet Speed


Are you unable to get the desired online experience even after subscribing to one of the most incredible internet deals in the town such as CenturyLink Internet Deals? Are you planning to switch to another internet service provider or internet solution to get the internet speed you need? If you are facing any of the situations, you better go for testing the actual speed of your internet connection first.

It may sound convenient to readily switch either the ISP or the internet plan but the solution does not make any sense. Unless you recognize what internet speed you are receiving at your home or office, it is hard to discover the core of the problem you are facing. Thus, before jumping right into the switching or replacing the ISP options it is suggested to start your journey by diagnosing the internet speed your ISP is delivering to your place.

If you want to learn how you can find out your internet speed, you have landed on the right blog. So without any further delay let’s explore how you can easily test the accurate speed of your internet connection.

Why Do You Need To Test The Speed Of Your Internet Connection?

Honestly speaking, the internet speeds advertised by various internet service providers in the United States are not what many of these ISPs are delivering to their commercial and residential customers. Sometimes it is only for attracting a massive customer market that often has a greater need to get fast internet speeds at reasonable price tags.

Plenty of ISPs are out there that are taking advantage of such customer behavior. Thus they have started making full benefit from it in the shape of capturing a large portion of the customer market and huge revenues. However, it is an unethical practice and should not be adopted by ISPs. In contrast, some of the well-reputed and reliable ISPs are also unable to deliver the advertised internet speed.

In that case, the reason was not misleading customers but the inability of the ISP to provide the same internet speed across its coverage area. That’s the reason you must have seen some important notes with every internet solution available on the ISP’s platform. Therefore, it has become imperative for you to keep checking the internet speed your ISP is delivering at your home or office whenever you feel a variation in the performance of your internet.

How Can You Carry Out Internet Speed Testing Accurately?

Let us make the process bit easier for you. We know that it is difficult for you to keep checking your internet speed when you have a lot to do in life. Especially if you are a single or working parent, or running an online/physical business, things get more complicated to manage.

Therefore, we have added two simple tips for you to accurately test the exact speed of your internet connection. So, let’s check them out!

Give Your Internet Connection a Quick Diagnostic Check

Try to have a close look at your internet performance. Sometimes the ISPs initially deliver the said internet speed but gradually the speed starts declining. The decline is so slow that you can’t even notice when your online activities start suffering.

Although, for you, it is almost impossible to face a similar issue because you are a CenturyLink subscriber. Usually, the trend of such unethical conduct is not found in leading ISPs of the US.

Chances are great that the problem may be with the network, equipment, devices, or else but not the unrealistic internet speed advertised at the ISPs’ platforms. The best possible solution for overcoming this issue is to recall your ISP to conduct a diagnostic check. So you can easily get the precise download and upload speed you are receiving through your internet connection.

Therefore, we recommend you ask your ISP for carrying out troubleshooting and diagnostic actions periodically to make sure you enjoy optimal internet speed.

Try to Get an Unswerving Tool for Testing Internet Speed

Countless websites are available on the internet that allow you to test your internet speed without charging a single buck. These websites can help you to get the precise count of download and upload speeds just by following a couple of simple steps. Interestingly, few such websites are backed into apps acquainted with your wireless router.

Moreover, such a testing tool does not require you to get any specialized hardware. Thus you can easily measure the download as well as upload speed of your internet plan along with some other essential metrics, such as your ping. Various ISPs are also offering fast, up-to-the-mark, reliable, and handy internet speed testing tools.

These tools offer the best and easiest solutions for accurately testing the speed of your internet connection with detailed measurements. All you need to do is to use such an internet speed testing tool for examining your connection. Once you identify the most reliable internet testing tool, the next step is to put your internet onto it and hit the “Go” button.

There you go! You will get precise detail for different metrics of your internet speed coupled with the download and upload speed.

What Metrics You can get through Internet Speed Tests

We have added a list of metrics you will get by running an internet speed test using a reliable internet testing tool over your connection. Let’s have a look!

  • Jitter-It can be defined as the disparity in time between packets of data when they travel.
  • Download Speed– It refers to the speed with which amount of data you can receive per second via your internet connection.
  • Ping – This term shows how much time data requires to travel to the server and vice versa.
  • Upload Speed – It determines the amount of data you can send out per second using your network.

For instance, if you find out that the internet speed you are receiving is not the same as advertised by your internet service provider, it’s time to bring the issue to ISP’s notice. Without any hesitation, call the customer support rep and report the issue. So you can get the true picture of why you are receiving slow internet speed even after paying the subscription fee.

In a Nutshell

Just in case the speed test results proved that you are receiving the exact internet speed as the ISP has mentioned in the contract, you better move to another provider in your area. You can also check out some fast internet speed plans such as CenturyLink Internet Plans which are available at reasonable prices.

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