Destinations to visit while in Indonesia


The Indonesian archipelago has a plethora of islands to define as a romantic travel destination that will certainly appeal to almost any couple. Moreover, it is not without reason that several of them are among the most popular honeymoon destinations. If you just want to make a romantic getaway in Indonesia, here is a small non-exhaustive selection of islands on which to spend your stay thanks to their undeniable attractions.

The island of Java, the heart of Indonesia

Regardless of the nature of your stay in the Indonesian archipelago, there is a good chance that you will land at least once on the island of Java. Moreover, you can easily reach most of the main tourist destinations of this country from Java if it is your base best kid friendly attractions in spain or vice versa. Precisely, the vast majority of travel agencies almost systematically offer a stopover in Java. This is particularly the case if you plan to go with Marco Vasco to Indonesia for your romantic getaway.

Anyway, by setting this island which is practically the heart of the country as your main destination, you will have the opportunity to discover its remarkable attractions. Since it is a romantic getaway, some Javanese tourist sites will have pleasant surprises in store for you. And moreover, some of them will allow you to live and share romantic and unforgettable moments. For example, an early morning visit to the magnificent and famous Borobudur temple to admire the sunrise. A grandiose spectacle awaits you when the first rays of the sun illuminate the still misty surrounding hills.

The island of Bali, the most popular destination for a honeymoon in the Indonesian archipelago

If you are looking for a dream destination in Indonesia for a romantic trip, then Bali is something to seriously consider. Indeed, this Indonesian island has been one of the destinations of choice for many newlyweds for years to spend their honeymoon there. It must be said that it has all the necessary ingredients that can charm almost any passing couple for an idyllic stay.

You will be spoiled for choice of dream hotel establishments as well on the Balinese coasts to be closer to the sea and its paradisiacal beaches. An option to consider to enjoy seaside pleasures, without forgetting romantic walks at sunset as well as candlelit dinners on the beaches. But also in the land on the edge or in the middle of the forest for a lush setting in the middle of Balinese nature. In addition, you will have the opportunity to discover the famous rice terraces of Bali during a romantic walk to admire their undeniable beauty.

Sumatra Island for nature lovers

In case you and your partner are nature lovers, then Sumatra should be among your favorite destinations in Indonesia . Indeed, this island is now renowned for the exceptional richness of its natural heritage which is one of its main tourist attractions. It is home to a dozen Indonesian national parks, some of which are home to real treasures of nature. What’s more, you will also have the opportunity to find the famous Lake Toba, the largest volcanic lake in the world.

Moreover, during your visit to Sumatra, do not hesitate to discover this gigantic lake. Not only will many observation points located in the heights offer you breathtaking views, but you can also navigate on them. This is an opportunity to seize to discover the beauty of this emblematic lake of Indonesia in a different way by taking part in a preferably private excursion for more privacy.

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