Boosting Employee Health and Wellness With Office Furniture


When COVID-19 hit, companies started to think more about their employee’s health and wellness. Many businesses were forced to have employees work remotely, which made companies wonder about both wellness and productivity. As staff begins to return to the office, many businesses want to boost both health and wellness by changing out their office furniture.

Perhaps this sounds silly to some. How can office furniture impact a staff member’s health and wellness? Consider this. When people are sedentary for much of the day, such as those having an office job, they are more susceptible to diabetes, heart disease, depression, anxiety, colon cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, and various other ailments. Others will have problems with musculoskeletal disorders that directly correlate with their jobs. This could include carpal tunnel or back problems.

However, companies are beginning to realize they have a big influence on the wellness of their staff. They understand that office furniture can have a huge impact on their health. What used to be a “one-size fits all” protocol when it came to office furniture has now been replaced by what is best for the employee to use for their health, comfort, and safety.

Companies are enabling employees to take charge of their health while using office furniture. For traditional office spaces, ergonomics is crucial since many employees struggle to create a comfortable, personalized set-up like the one they have at home.

A mobile standing desk that adapts to each employee’s preferences and needs may be available in a home office, along with a special chair with lumbar support.

Therefore, companies may consider these options for their  office spaces:

  • Provide an interchangeable set of ergonomic goods for staff to pick from
  • Supply individualized user-friendly evaluations with an authorized professional to guarantee workstations meet the requirements of every staff member
  • Request reactions from staff about changes

Bear in mind the investment is worth it if staff wellness assists in increasing productivity and spirit.

It is not uncommon for individuals who work from home to carve out their office space in congested homes with other workers or students. As a result, it’s not extraordinary to have an improvised area that doesn’t offer good ergonomics.

Employers can help work-from-home staff enhance their wellness by following these tips:

  • Find out more about each worker’s work surroundings
  • Ask staff about their workstation requirements
  • Supply ergonomic standing desks and monitor arms to foster more movement
  • Plan virtual lunches or social events to lift employee spirit

There is a possibility that hybrid workers require the most ergonomic support. Employees with a hybrid schedule reported it was more emotionally draining and taxing than full-time office work in 2022.

A hybrid laborer has a diverse working atmosphere and schedule on various days of the week, making it tough to adapt to each situation. Numerous hybrid personnel utilizes shared cubicles, which take time and exertion to modify.

  • Mobile standing desks that can be positioned around the office for specific functions or teamwork
  • A height-adjustable standing desk converter so every staff member can rapidly find a comfy working height so they can sit or stand
  • Monitor mounts, stands, and arms to sustain individualized computer screen views

If you reside in the Birmingham, AL area, and need assistance with replacing your current office furniture, consider contacting Quality Installers to assist you today. They can help you design your office space full of ergonomic furniture that will help with your employee’s health and wellness.

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