Best Brunch Spots in Dubai: The Perfect Harmony of Beachfront Brunch


What could

be more enjoyable than eating a delicious brunch while listening to the sounds

of crashing waves? What could be more beautiful than spending time with loved

ones in peaceful harmony, enjoying tasty food and a breathtaking panorama?

Here’s a

list of restaurants and cafes that combine these fantastic experiences for the

best  beachfront brunch.

Best Beachfront

Brunch Spots in Dubai

San Beach

The San,

Africa’s first people, are the inspiration for SAN Beach Dubai, a legendary

indigenous people who live in harmony with nature.

A new way

to eat, a new beach to visit, and a new spiritual retreat. SN Beach is an

excellent location for meeting new people. Take a deep breath and enter a

modern-day African sanctuary. Wake up your senses with a delectable meal. Watch

the romantic sunset and spend the night dancing to the music of resident DJs,

guest musicians, and The Nomades, San Beach’s resident band that performs on


Eva Beach House

Eva Beach

House offers beachside dining in Tulum’s style and a gourmet experience at the

lovely Palm West beach.

The Eva

Beach House is a beautiful place to visit for its stunning scenery location,

friendly vibe, and tasty drinks and food. Relax with a margarita and some

ceviche here because of the pleasant vibe and the soft, relaxing beach beds.

Take some time to unwind and enjoy the soothing sounds of live music as you

watch the waves crash against the shore.

Breeze Beach Grill


located at the very end of the row of eateries at Club Vista Mare, allows you

to tan and dine simultaneously. Stacks of pancakes and the Breeze breakfast

sandwich are on the menu, along with healthier options like smashed avocado

toast and a watermelon and feta salad. There are indoor and outdoor seating

options on the terrace, or you can grab a bite and soak up the rays on one of

the beach loungers. There is a lot to do, so feel free to bring the kids.

February 30

You can’t

beat the view from this restaurant with a beachfront brunch. The bright

umbrellas, shark fin bar, and fabulous pink furnishings give this place a

throwback vibe. On February 30, people can enjoy sunset drinks and snacks while

looking out over the skyline of Dubai Marina at West Beach of Palm Jumeirah.

Koko Bay

You can

find the vibes of Bali at Koko Bay beachfront restaurant and bar on the West

Beach of Palm Jumeirah. Relish with a fruity cocktail in one hand and a variety

of snacks from Europe and Asia in the other as you sink your toes into the sand.


One of the

most stunning venues in the Club Vista Mare on Palm Jumeirah is Myrra by Opa.

Gorgeous blooms and seating that stretch from the terrace to the beach make for

an unforgettable beachfront brunch. Tuna carpaccio, crispy calamari, Myrra

hummus, and katafi-wrapped feta cheese are just a few of the Greek and Spanish

dishes available at Myrra.


PLAYA tries

to go beyond its physicality and become that feeling of renewed energy for life

that all the senses can feel. Your new favorite Ceviche bar is here. Enjoy a

wide range of dishes with the richest Peruvian flavors. Prepare to be immersed

in an experience that shows how much Japan has influenced the food of Latin

America. Prepare to submerge yourself in the palm west beach with unparalleled

beachfront brunch from Playa.


We made it

simple for you to find a suitable location for a beachfront brunch.

You can now

select one of the places to enjoy the most beautiful moments and times of your

life with your loved ones.


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