4 Types of Organizations That Should Pay for PPC Services


Organizations looking to advertise in the digital space need to at least look at pay-per-click (PPC) ads. The PPC model pretty much dominates paid online advertising. Though it’s not always the right way to go in every situation, PPC does bring certain things to the table. These are things organizations need to look at when considering how to spend funds allocated for digital marketing.

Is PPC right for your organization? Only executive management can answer that question. I would personally recommend consulting with a firm that offers paid PPC services before making a decision. Salt Lake City’s Webtek Digital Marketing is one such firm. Here are four types of organizations they say should pay for PPC services rather than attempting to do things in-house:

1. Organizations New to Online Advertising

Any organization new to online advertising has a lot to learn. Just in the PPC space alone, there is enough to keep the marketing team occupied for quite a while. Effective PPC advertising requires a working knowledge of keyword research, fundamental SEO principles, ad bidding, and more.

Attempting to get into PPC advertising with absolutely no knowledge is risky. As productive and helpful as PPC can be, it can also be a money pit. Far too many organizations lose money on the deal because they don’t know how to leverage PPC properly. They would have been far better off paying for expert PPC services right from the start.

2. Organizations Without Dedicated Marketing Staff

PPC advertising is as much about marketing as it is SEO. The SEO aspects of PPC involve things like keyword research and producing keyword rich advertisements. But the marketing portion is entirely separate. It focuses on discovering the target audience, finding ways to reach that audience, and then directing them to landing pages or other online destinations capable of facilitating conversion.

Marketers look at advertisements differently. They look at target audiences differently. Therefore, an organization without a dedicated marketing team is probably better off paying for PPC services. Let the SEO team continue focusing on what they do best rather than expecting them to become marketers.

3. Small Companies With Limited Staff

Next up are small companies with limited staff. PPC advertising is a very involved form of marketing requiring considerable effort in both developing new campaigns and managing existing ones. Managing just two or three campaigns over the long term can be a full-time job all by itself. If a company staff is so limited that the same person is handling all marketing and SEO efforts, PPC probably will not be given the attention it deserves.

It is better to hire a PPC service provider than do things half-way. Otherwise, a company could waste a lot of money on PPC. Add PPC fraud potential into the mix and the whole thing could become a complete disaster.

4. Companies With Limited Marketing Budgets

Last but not least are companies with limited marketing budgets. To do PPC right, you really need access to sophisticated software and extensive marketing databases. Both might be out of reach for an organization that doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on marketing. In such cases, it’s often a better financial move to pay for PPC services instead.

PPC advertising can drive a lot of traffic quickly. It can contribute to boosting sales in both the short and long term. But it needs to be done right or it could end up costing the company way too much. For that reason alone, paying for professional PPC services is something to at least think about

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