3 Simple Steps for a House Clean-up: Real Effective


Molds are everywhere and are undesirable in your house. It grbetweenween tiles in the bathroom, and stains the wall. It can be hard to remove if you let it invade your house. Molds accumulate and are disgusting to see. These molds can cause serious diseases and are harmful for our health. The spores released by molds can cause allergic reactions.

The presence of molds in every corner of your house is health threatening.  Preventive actions can help avoid serious health problems caused by molds. Although mold remediation can be done by professionals, yet if the mold is minimal, then you can do it on your own.

Knowing the basics of mold clean up is important. To get rid of them, you should know the proper ways and techniques in performing the mold remediation.

Check out first some reminders.

Identify the mold. These are small black spots that grow into large colonies. Almost every home is experiencing mold infestation. Do not allow them to become bigger and bigger. The bigger the mold the harder it will be removed and cleaned. The two types of black molds are mildew-mold and dirt mold. It can be identified through testing it with bleach. Drop a few drops of household bleach to the mold, the ones that easily cut are mildew-mold while dirt mode does not. Keep in mind that there are molds that are toxic and are not safe to remove by you. If you cannot do it on your own then call for help. Professionals like mold remediation Brick, NJ will help you in this kind of situation.

Observe safety precautions

Dealing with mold is tough and challenging. It is important to be protected from its harmful effect. You need to wear PPE or personal protective equipment when doing the mold remediation. Use a thick mask, goggles and gloves. Prevention is better than cure.The spores easily spread in the air. It is important to have proper ventilation while cleaning.

Now here is the simple remediation process you should try.

Get the right cleaning products. You need a reliable and effective product in cleaning mold. Many are using bleach. But it depends on its chemical content. Bleach is sometimes effective but most of the time is not. It only changes its color from black to gray or white. It is possible that the mold will come back if you only focus on bleaching.

Borax is a recommended mold remediation product by many specialists. It is a white powder which you can buy from a grocery store. It usually can be found at the laundry or detergent section. To clean mold using borax, mix the powder in one gallon of hot water. Apply the solution on the surface affected by mold. Scrub the area with a rug or brush until the mold disappears.

Wear the proper clothing. Make sure to be geared before you do the DIY mold clean up. Chemicals present in mold remediation products are harmful. You should wear gloves, googles and the right type of clothing. Make sure you will not be directly exposed to the mold spored for it spreads in the air and may cause you respiratory problems.

Dry the surface.This is the important thing you should remember. Since mold grows from moisture, then it is the main cause why you are in this situation, Molds love to stay in a humid and damp environment. Just open the door when doing the mold remediation and you can use a dehumidifier.


If you are unsure of the DIY mold remediation, seek help from the experts. It is a good thing to know the process of mold mitigation on your own. It is a simple to complicated process. It is best to be knowledgeable in how to deal with mold remediation.

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