3 Best Baby Bath Products


Bathing a new-born is something new parents are eagerly concern about. After all, there is nothing more loving than a tiny baby getting soaped up in a bath.  Nevertheless, parents are also concerned about the baby’s bathing products that would work gently on their little young ones’ skin. As a matter of fact babies’ skin is more sensitive than older children and adult’s skin. So choosing right product for bathing will prevent baby from freaking out in bath and will keep him/her much relaxed.

Choosing wrong bathing products may cause irritation to baby’s skin and will leave baby’s bath time with burning eyes, dry scalp, itchy skin & more. So one should ensure whatever bathing products they are choosing for their little ones, it should be chemical free so that it won’t feel harsh on baby’s skin.Here are some gentle baby’s bathing products that will help you buy the right ones.

1- Aveeno Baby Daily Bath & Shampoo

The Aveeno Baby Daily Bath & Shampoois a best bathing shampoo made only for the baby bath time. This shampoo is tear-free, soap-free, hypoallergenic, paraben- and phthalate-free formula is safe for everyday use. It gently nourishes and cleanses baby’s delicate skin and hair without going harsh on it. Its rich leathery body wash and shampoo formula rinses squeaky clean without drying baby’s skin & hair and leaves a light and fresh fragrance behind. Best part is this shampoo comes in a pumping bottle that is spill free and easy to use with wet and slippery hands. You can find more like this shampoo at discounted rates with Mamas & Papas discount code.

2- Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo’ formula is specifically designed for baby’s unique and delicate skin and hair. Its tear-Free Baby Shampoo for a mild, gentle clean that won’t irritate your baby’s delicate eyes during bath time. Johnson’s No More Tears formula is ideal for newborn babies. This shampoo is also best known for its tear-free formula. Similarly, as we know that the smell of a freshly bathed baby is irresistible, this shampoo also leaves a mild chemical free fragrance that make you fall in love with the smell.

3- Pipette Baby Shampoo + Body Wash

The Pipette Baby Shampoo + Body Wash is a tear-free formula that is made from the plant based ingredients. This shampoo is vegan and PETA-certified to be cruelty free. It is free from sulphates and synthetic fragrances hence parents won’t have to worry about the bad stuff in this safe baby shampoo. It gently washes and cleanses your baby’s hair and delicate skin without making it dry or irritation. Its plant-derived glycerin, natural hydrating ingredients help in retaining skin’s moisture. Further, this shampoo includes 12 fluid ounces of fragrance-free baby shampoo and wash.

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